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The chingasos finally arrived in the H-Town mayoral race which is A-OK with me.

First Annie’s List put a smackdown on Gene Locke’s No Way to Treat a Lady tactics.

Then Locke put out a statement urging third party groups not to get down and dirty.

I guess the new Houstonians for Responsible Growth PAC didn’t get the Gene Locke statement in time because they put out their endorsement that included a personal hit on CM Peter Brown. Houstonians for Responsible Growth PAC came out with a duelie endorsement yesterday – Locke and Controller Annise Parker. Here’s what they said about Brown: “On the other hand, another candidate, Peter Brown, has vowed to spend a considerable amount of his personal wealth on the race and says he believes that ‘runaway growth’ is bad for Houston.  Remarkably, he seems to find very little that is positive in Houston. His support of the very centralized land controls that have inflated home prices and driven low and moderate-income citizens out of the housing market in many US cities is troubling. He has simply ignored the clear record that such policies have backfired on almost every city and that they especially hurt low-income consumers.”

Brown fired back and said his two opponents – Locke and Parker – were bought and paid for by developers.

Memo to Houstonians for Responsible Growth PAC: Get on CEWDEM’s list and see how the other groups put out their endorsement press releases. They don’t mention or attack the folks that they didn’t endorse unless they are serial killers or miserable Cubbie fans. All you did was get Brown a serious look from the anti establishment and anti developer folks and there are plenty of those.

Then the convenience of partisanship has gotten thrown around the H-Town city elections the past few days. First there was the calling out of Annie’s List saying the city elections were not partisan elections so stay out. Then this Costello fella was called out for being a big GOPer. The Annie’s List critic didn’t bother checking her group’s questionnaire that asks city candidates if they have ever voted in a GOP primary – huh. If this ain’t a partisan election, how come the HC Dems, Oak Forest Dems, Stonewall Dems, Young Stonewall Dems, Latino Dems, HBAD Dems, SB Dems, Asian Dems, and ‘Stros Dems all endorse and mostly endorse Dems. Last I heard political party credentials aren’t turned in at the door of H-Town city campaigns.

Speaking of ‘Stros Dems, I’m thinking of starting them up. Of course, I would be the Chair because I’ve gotten the most foul balls. I’d ask My Best Friend to be parliamentarian because of his legislative experience. We would only meet during the season and only once a month. We would probably meet at Lefty’s at The Yard and on special occasions at the FiveSeven Grille. We wouldn’t have dues. You would just have to have a game ticket. We would have speakers like good ‘Stros Dems like The Dean, the local Dem Chair, One of My Best Friends, CM James, Serge, and Ed Martin. We would screen candidates and ask them for their positions on getting an Early Voting location set up at The Yard, mandatory singing of the National Anthem before each game, the DH rule, and whether they thought that H-Town’s Mayors should have ‘Stros batboy experience. All members would get a cool Brick Red ‘Stros Dem jersey. I’ll let folks know later when our inaugural meeting will be held next season.

One of Commentary’s favorite non profits got honored at Dodger Stadium the other night. Here is what was said before the game: "Please join the Los Angeles Dodger Family in honoring the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project on their 35th anniversary. SVREP is America’s most successful nonpartisan voter registration group. Represented on the field with us today by President Antonio Gonzalez and Steven Ochoa, SVREP has made us all proud by registering two and a half million voters over the last generation. We salute SVREP and wish them success in making our democracy stronger." Way to go SVREP!

I was checking out next year’s ‘Stros schedule and there are eight day games during the week at The Yard – yikes! I’m going to have to rent me some office space there as the ‘Stros take on the Brewers this weekend for three in Milwaukee.


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