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A while back, Annie’s List made it clear that they were going to weigh in heavily on behalf of H-Town mayoral candidate Controller Annise Parker. Yesterday, Annie’s List put out a stinging smackdown on Gene Locke over his “No Way to Treat a Lady” tactics – ouch! The Size 2 invites, the Sue Walden dismissal, and some insensitive remarks said at a forum were cited. There are some folks that Commentary won’t get into a fight with – Annie’s List is one for sure.

Commentary has decided to boycott all remaining mayoral forums and debates. If the three Dem candidates are going to conspire to limit future debates, then they shouldn’t expect me to show up.

Mayoral candidate CM Peter Brown gets the award so far for Best TV Ad. Ooops, Peter is the only one SHOWING ME THE TV! His second ad is pretty cool with the way they bring in the graphics.

U.S. Senate candidate John Sharp did a drive by on the H-Town Mayor on this 287(g) mess. Sharp sent out a copy of a Texas LULAC letter to the Mayor criticizing the Mayor for embracing 287(g) and having the Houston Police Department get into the ICE business. I’m assuming that by sending out the letter, Sharp is standing with the H-Town Latino leadership on this issue.

Speaking of, since the Mayor has been out of town a lot lately, I wonder if he’s been told that there is an arsonist in Commentary’s hood that has already torched eleven structures in the last couple of months including two this morning. Heck, the three Dem mayoral candidates don’t know about it either because they haven’t said anything about how they would have caught the arsonist if they were mayor.

The Texas AG is investigating ACORN. Why – because they are ACORN.

Commentary and MariGirl finally made it to Stanton’s Grocery on Houston Avenue yesterday to take in a burger. I couldn’t finish it. Check them out at your own risk.

Pam-In-Charge is probably one of the more savvy execs in H-Town. She sent out a letter yesterday to all of the ‘Stros ticket faithful to let us know that ticket prices weren’t going up next year. She also said that we were all going to get cool 45th Anniversary Season polo shirts next year. I just hope they are 100% cotton. We also get to attend exclusive watch parties for a spring training game and the MLB All Star Game. If we pay early, we get to take batting practice and shag fly balls at The Yard. You also get a chance to be picked to go on an all expense trip to see the ‘Stros play in Yankee Stadium. They are also offering buy two season seats, get two free seats in the Upper Deck – good deal if you ask me. Way to go Pam-In-Charge!

Speaking of, the season is over for Roy O. He’s out with back problems. I hope he doesn’t aggravate it during the off season particularly when he shoots him one of those deer and tries to load it into the bed of his pick-up.

Regarding Cecil No Se Puede’s reaction the other night to the Rice product putting it on the ‘Stros, here is what James Soria sent in: “The Rice product that Cecil No Se Puede was referring to is a local LATINO, who played at Cypress Creek High School. He has family that lives over in JRod’s hood……., maybe they voted for JRod too…….who would have known that he is Latino with a last name of Janish. I bet I didn’t stump you……”

I didn’t know that.

It has just been that kind of season. We got five dingers last night but all of them were of the solo variety and we lost and got swept by the Reds – drats!


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