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Commentary will be at Yankee Stadium next June 11-13 to see the ‘Stros take on A-Roid, Derek, Mariano and all the other highest paid players in MLB. Next year’s schedules were released yesterday. Aside from our annual trek to Arlington, KC is the other inter-league away series and I don’t think I’ll be heading there. It says something about this season that I’m already talking about next season.

Who am I to argue with an 84 year old White dude from the South (Georgia) who says that the majority of the opposition against The President is based on racism? That is what former President Jimmy Carter had to say yesterday.  Check it out.   Ouch! Now folks that show up to all those tea parties are going to be worried that other folks will think they are racists. Maybe some folks will decide not to attend the tea parties because they don’t want to be thought of as racists. Nice move Mr. Former President.

Commentary got some run in today’s Chron on a story about the three Dem H-Town mayoral candidates conspiring to curtail future debates and forums. Check it out.  I guess I understand where they are coming from, but on the other hand why are they running if they don’t want to answer questions and talk to voters.

Speaking of, Annise Parker secured the endorsement of last year’s Dem candidate for U.S. Senate. She also has the support of the 2006 Dem candidate for Guv.

The Forest Service apollyized to Latinos yesterday for issuing a warning that if Latinos were out camping in Colorado and eating tortillas, drinking Tecate, and listening to Latino tunes, they were probably marijuana growers and dealers. Check it out.  They reissued their warning to say if they saw a Latino at The Yard, eating a hot dog, drinking St. Arnold, and snagging foul balls, he was probably Commentary.

The President called that Kanye fella a “jackarse” in off the record remarks. Of course, since the remarks were off the record, that Kanye fella isn’t really a “jackarse.”

Cecil No Se Puede wasn’t in the mood to talk about a Rice University product that help put a hurt on the ‘Stros last night. From today’s Chron, here’s how Cecil No Se Puede reacted: “I’m supposed to say something special about him? Come on. Why? Because he’s a Rice product? That’s what I’m supposed to say? Come on. He doesn’t play for us, so I don’t really care.” I guess that’s how you react when the team is five games under .500 – yikes!


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