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Today is 9/9/9 – so what!

The President has a so called make or break speech tonight. It is kind of odd in that he will be speaking to Dems only because the GOP has tuned him out on health care. Heck, last year nobody knew what a public option was. Now it is a four letter word in right wing land. Any day now, expect to learn that some fella will name his race horse – Public Option.

The Lite Guv’s decision to stay put is going to make it harder for Lone Star State Dems to make inroads next year since their line-up will pretty much stay the same.

With all this swine flu and germ stuff going around, let us do away with the handshake and go straight to the knuckle bump. That is what I’m starting to do.

Let’s see now, I bought all The Beatles albums when they first came out. Then I bought some again on eight track and then on cassette. Then I bought a bunch of them on CDs and then I got the best of and the anthologies and now they are telling me that I have to buy the remastered editions because all the ones I bought over the last 45 years were muddled when it comes to sound – huh! The new stuff has better sound quality – huh again! I don’t know about this.

Speaking of, we’re not going to reach Cecil Puede’s goal of 90 wins this season because we would have to go 23-1 the rest of the way which is darn near impossible since we still have three left against the Cards and four against the Phillies – both first place teams – yikes! Speaking of, Lights Out Lidge of the Phillies has an ERA of over 7 with about 10 blown saves and might lose his closer job. I’ve heard that tune before.


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