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It would not surprise Commentary if The Dean walked over to Guv Dude’s office and put an arse whupping on him for not fixing up the death row inmate mess. This is personal so an arse whupping is very appropriate. Check out the story.  I guess Dude’s been so busy looking up Hutch’s skirt that he hasn’t had time to prevent death row inmates from texting about The Dean.

Speaking of Guv Dude not handling business, the Chron has a front page story on the Lone Star State going back on its word on the Texas Tomorrow, errr Yesterday Fund.  Check it out.  Too bad Lone Star State Dems don’t have a candidate that can take down Dude next year.

Commentary was called out yesterday by At-Large, Position 1 candidate Lonnie Allsbrooks for not being included in the mix for the run-off. OK. In the At-Large races, in Position 1, there are eight candidates with Rick Rodriguez being the only Latino in the race. So the question is who will Rodriguez face in a run-off – Derr, Litt, Costello, Perkins, or Allsbrooks?

On Chron.com’s political page, there is a piece on Gene Locke and Annise Parker wrestling over the city budget.  Check it out.  Somebody needs to give my pal Bill King some serious props for giving us a heads up a while back. If you know Bill King, I don’t think he would be too unhappy if Isiah took credit for predicting the budget shortfall earlier this year.

The next time I run into the Working Man Hero, I’m going to ask him why Labor celebrates Labor Day on Saturday and Sunday and not on Labor Day. Maybe they are like most folks and want to take Labor Day off. Heck, maybe they want to go check out the ‘Stros against the Phillies that afternoon and pick up the grilling aprons that will be given away to the first 10,000 adults.

We’re not going to reach Cecil Puede’s goal of 90 wins this season because we would have to go 27-2 the rest of the way which is darn near impossible since we still have three left against the Cards and eight against the Phillies – both first place teams – yikes! Speaking of, the Phillies come in for four this weekend, so head to The Yard and pick up umbrellas, 300 Dinger Art Cards, 300 Dinger T-Shirts, Caballo Webkins, and the Labor Day grilling aprons.

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