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It looks like folks will be campaigning up until December here in H-Town in races for municipal and school board. Check out the Chron’s piece on our local races. 

The only three incumbent council members that do not have opponents are the council members with Latino surnames: Noriega, Rodriguez, and Gonzalez – interesting.

Seven folks are running for H-Town mayor so there will be a run-off. We didn’t get a last minute surprise mayoral candidate that Commentary thought might happen. Three are running for Controller so a run-off is probably likely.

In the At-Large races, in Position 1, there are eight candidates with Rick Rodriguez being the only Latino in the race. So the question is who will Rodriguez face in a run-off – Derr, Litt, Costello or Perkins?

In Position 2, can CM Sue Lovell avoid a run-off against three opponents?

In Position 4, I give the edge to Chief Bradford and can he win without a run-ff against two opponents?

In Position 5, it looks like CM Jolanda Jones who drew three opponents will be thrown into a run-off.

In the district races it looks like run-offs in the open seats – A, F, and G. Incumbent CMs Clutterbuck, Johnson, Sullivan, and Adams who drew opponents should be easily reelected.

FYI: Along with CM James Rodriguez and candidate Rick Rodriguez in Position 1, there is a Darrell Rodriguez running in District F.

Over at HCC, Trustee Abel Davila decided not to run at the last minute and his brother-in-law Arturo Aguilar filed – smooth move Abel – it reminds me of the Paul Colbert-Scott Hochberg move. Sandie Meyers, the wife of HISD Trustee Greg Meyers, filed for the seat being vacated by city council candidate Mills Worsham. Nobody else filed so she and her hubby will both be trustees. Trustee Diane Olmos Guzman faces a challenge from Mary Ann Perez.

At HISD, Trustee Larry Marshall has three opponents and is likely headed into a run-off. Two candidates filed to run in the seat being vacated by trustee Diane Johnson. Three candidates filed to run in the seat being vacated by One Smart Mommy – Anna Eastman, Alma Lara, and Linda Toyota. I’ll have more to say on this race in the coming days.

Commentary was talking to HISD Trustee candidate Anna Eastman – who was a big local Obama supporter – and Fulbright’s Neil last night at CM Noriega’s reception and it turns out we all have the same dentist – small world.

We’re not going to reach Cecil Puede’s goal of 90 wins this season because we would have to go 27-2 the rest of the way which is darn near impossible since we still have three left against the Cards and eight against the Phillies – both first place teams – yikes!

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