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The campaign of H-Town mayoral candidate Gene Locke put out a press release yesterday claiming the race is a “dead heat” based on the KHOU-TV (Channel 11) poll numbers. Hey you can’t argue that a nothing to nothing score isn’t a dead heat.

Today’s Chron says the City of H-Town needs to chop off about $50 million in spending.  Check it out. 

Too bad that most folks have already wrapped up their questionnaires, screenings, and endorsing or they could go and ask all the mayoral candidates “SHOW ME THE CUTS!” I think it is fair to ask the candidates today – “if you were mayor today, specifically lay out your plan on dealing with the $50 million budget shortfall?” Let’s see who demonstrates leadership and courage.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is the filing deadline, maybe a last minute mystery candidate will jump in since the race is a nothing to nothing “dead heat.”

With this shortfall hanging over our heads, I would be surprised if City and County leaders held a press conference soon to announce a new soccer stadium was going to be built by using some tax dollars.

Speaking of, last summer my old pal Bill King was warning us about City of H-Town finances and City Hall insiders were smirking at Bill and wondering what he was smoking. Any day now I expect Bill to lay out a big “I told you so.”

Also in today’s Chron: “more girls under 15 give birth in Houston than any other U.S. city, according to a new national report.” We’re Number One!  Check it out.  I don’t think the local convention folks are going to slap this statistic on their brochures.

Here’s what my pal Harold Cook says in today’s Austin newspaper about The Kinkhole: "I honestly don’t believe Kinky Friedman will ever do anything in the course of his candidacy to lead a critical mass of Democratic voters to believe he’s serious. But if I’m wrong about that, he will be facing questions about his qualifications as a Democrat. He only decided to run as a Democrat when all his other options failed." Don’t worry Harold, you are not wrong.

Commentary had a good time last night with My Best Friend checking out the Texans. We sat by the Mayor of The Woodlands and her hubby Jim. We snuck into Edgar’s suite and grubbed out. Reliant has a pretty good array of cold ones including St. Arnold and Sierra Nevada – cool.

I still don’t think we’re going to reach Cecil Puede’s goal of 90 wins this season because we would have to go 27-4 the rest of the way which is darn near impossible since we still have three left against the Cards and seven against the Phillies – both first place teams – yikes!

Michael Bourn has now reached base in 24 consecutive games. His on-base percentage this year is the most improved of any player in MLB from a year ago. Meanwhile, Hunter Pence was dropped to the number seven hole last night – yikes!

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