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Whew, Commentary was starting to feel irrelevant about my continuing call for the Lone Star State Dem Party to get off of its arse and implement a major Latino voter engagement effort here in the H-Town area. I thought I had been completely tuned out. A leading state Dem consultant called me yesterday to say he had basically reached the same conclusion. The State Dem Party has absolutely no intention of putting together and implementing a program to increase Latino voter registration and turnout. “Eet eees not my yob” they said.

Oil companies make an investment to drill and get more oil. Mining companies do the same and so do natural gas folks. For the past decade, the state’s leading political scientists – there is a huge difference between a political scientist and political consultant – have said that the political party that fully engages the growing Latino community in Harris County and the Lone Star State is the party that will dominate. For the past decade the Lone Star Dem Party has been negligent and has completely ignored this call.

The folks that run the Lone Star State Dem Party apparatus are only simply interested in doing just that – running the party – nothing else. Yesterday, there was a piece that folks put out regarding the upcoming U.S. Senate special election. The only way the H-Town Mayor or John Sharp stand a chance is by getting more Latino voters into the game or else their candidacies will become IRRELEVANT.

Sorry folks – your Lone Star State Dem Party is not seizing an opportunity.

The President is 48 today – Happy Birthday Mr. President!

The Rocket is 47 today and I don’t think he is in the mood for a birthday shout out.

Commentary will be scarfing down Chick-Fil-A grub today after Matsui smacked a two run dinger last night that hit the Chcik-Fil-A foul poll for the lead. By using band aids, super glue, and spit, the dinged up ‘Stros we were able to put together a 4-3 victory over the Giants – we’re still hanging in there.

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Hello August. What do you have planned for us? Let’s see, according to their press release, Gene Locke is officially getting into the race for H-Town Mayor today. I think this is the third time he’s officially getting into the race this year. Of course nothing is official until they SHOW ME THE TV!

Hutch also says she is officially getting into the race for Guv this month. There is a piece in the Chron today about how she’s fixing to get her arse handed to her by Guv Dude.  Check it out.  At one point a while back, Commentary thought that she would whup up on Dude but not anymore.

Also this month there will be 12 games at The Yard against the Giants, Brewers, Fish, and D-Backs. Quintero, Roy O, Dante and Commentary’s Dad will be celebrating BDs in August.

The most anticipated event of the month for sure is the stork flying in and giving us a new Dem voter as The Lovelier Wendy and H-Town CM James Rodriguez expect their first. They decided not to look at the pre baby pictures so they don’t if it a dude or a dudette. No word yet on a name they will drop on the kid but I know some that are definitely off the list – names of those that actively opposed James in his first election or those that should have been there but hid out.

One thing is for sure, now that Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez has reassigned the voter registration fella, Commentary is going to take full advantage of the situation and get the new Rodriguez kid registered to vote within 6 months – like Dante and J. Dominic.

Speaking of, Assessor Collector Vasquez must have read Commentary and moved the fella to eliminate it as a political issue in next year’s election but the Dems still weren’t satisfied. I don’t get that. If Dems keep going after Vasquez, you’re going to start pi__ing off local Latino voters – move on.

Well, this Bud’s for us! Commentary checked out new ‘Stro Bud Norris pitch seven great innings yesterday of shutout ball. Let’s hope he’s the real deal as the Giants come in for three.

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