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The Nefster wants me to ask H-Town to SHOW ME THE POLLS! Now that H-Town Mayoral candidate Peter Brown is fixing to wrap up Week One of TV ads, the The Nefster wants an entity or campaign to dribble out the latest poll results to see who is winning.

Commentary dropped by HISD Superintendent Abe Saavedra’s going away party yesterday at HISD headquarters. H-Town Mayoral candidates Annise Parker and Gene Locke showed up. Peter Brown was a no-show. I guess he figured if he showed up he might get booed by HISD Nation for opposing the school bonds in 2007.

“Dead in the water” is how a Parker higher up described the Locke campaign yesterday.

“She only had 90 people at her filing press conference at Noon …. rank and file of HOPE did not show up in huge numbers at press conference during their lunch hour….I thought she was grass roots” was how a Locke higher up described Parker’s filing for office rally outside of H-Town City Hall yesterday.

“Measly buy” is how a Parker higher up described Brown’s TV ad buy yesterday.

That is the reason The Nefster says SHOW ME THE POLLS!

According to the Chron’s Jesus, The Big Puma called a team meeting yesterday. That is what happens when Roy O calls out the team. Here are quotes that the Chron’s Jesus got and Commentary’s takes.

The Big Puma: “I don’t like to talk about players-only meetings in the media, but it was good. You never like to have too many of those kinds of things. I just think that communication is really important. I think it’s understandable that he’s (Roy) not happy with the way that his season is going or the way that our season is going. Roy’s a guy that has a lot of pride in what he does. That’s one of the reasons he’s been so successful. So I understand his frustration.”

On Roy O’s comment that “the team atmosphere is dead” this is what Cecil Puede said: “I don’t think that is the case. I would totally disagree with that. I think (Tuesday’s 1-0 loss and Wednesday’s setback) have been two of our better ballgames. We just haven’t hit. When people pitch well against you, it always looks like you’re flat and you’re not playing well and you’re not hustling. It always looks that way. Guys are pitching well against us. … It’ll make you look like you’ve never played before. We’ve seen really good pitching these first two days.”

Commentary is inclined to agree with Roy O rather than Cecil Puede on this one. Roy O is in the middle of the clubhouse.

On Roy O saying “we have an owner that pays us money to come play. We got to play. If you don’t give 100 percent, you’re cheating him and you’re cheating the fans of Houston. You got to come out here and give everything you’ve got” GM Wade said this: “If he feels that way, he should name names, either that or address the players privately. I just think that it’s something that if he feels strongly about that, so strongly that he feels compelled to make public, I think he specifically should point out players who he feels aren’t giving 100 percent. Because otherwise it’s an indictment of the other 24 players on the club. I prefer for those things to be dealt with in private.”

Commentary doesn’t think it is a good idea to name names and as a season ticket holder we can pretty much tell that things aren’t going so hot for the team so what Roy O said wasn’t shocking to us and isn’t a matter that should be kept top secret for your eyes only. How else do you explain three games under .500 and eleven games back?

Here’s what Joe Green Valley had to say: “It’s very difficult to see the team from the bullpen. Those who are here know how they see it. But I know 100 percent that if (Oswalt) said something, there’s a reason why he said it. I know he’s not going to say bad things. If the team looks down, maybe it does.”

Here’s what Wandy had to say: “Clearly, we’re bad. You don’t see our results? Somebody has to bring it up and put a stop to it. Sure, people like that have to step up and speak out and say we’re bad and make other people see it and call it to everybody’s attention.”

It looks like the team is being a team and standing behind Roy O. Commentary thinks what Roy O said is what a lot of fans think. Cecil Puede and GM Wade would be wise to just trying to figure out how to win and get better and not spend time debating Roy O. Debating Roy O is not a winning proposition. The fans will turn on Cecil Puede and GM Wade in a heartbeat.

In order to reach Cecil Puede’s goal of 90 wins, we’re going to have to go 28-7 the rest of the way which is going to prove difficult since we still have three left against the Cards and seven against the Phillies – both first place teams – yikes!


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