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Another Dem fella announced yesterday for Guv of the Lone Star State. Add another fella to an unimpressive field of Dems. The field is so unimpressive and boring that Vegas won’t even put out a line on the race – yikes!

43’s Pal got endorsed by four Dem State Reps yesterday. I don’t have a problem with that. Of course, it doesn’t really matter though.

For I think the third time this campaign season, Annise Parker will formally get in the race for H-Town mayor today. Meanwhile, Peter Brown’s ads keep running.

Just about every local endorsing group in H-Town has made their endorsements in this year’s H-Town mayoral, controller, and city council races even though the filing deadline is next week – huh! I guess we can expect the screenings for next March’s Dem Primary to begin any day now.

Roy O certainly didn’t hold back after last night’s 3-2 loss. Here is what you can find in the Chron or on the ‘Stros website:

"The team atmosphere is dead. There’s no fire. When you get on a streak, you come to the field expecting to win. When you’re dead, you come to the field just hoping to get by. That’s what it feels like around the clubhouse — just a dead feeling. We’ve got so far behind it seems like we’re going through the motions as a team. You’ve got to play it out. You’ve got to play all the games.

"We’ve got an owner that pays us money to come to play, and we’ve got to play. If you don’t give 100 percent, you’re cheating him and cheating the fans of Houston. You’ve got to come out there and give everything you’ve got, and if you don’t, you’re cheating the fans coming to pay [to watch us play] the game.

"It starts from the top. You’ve got to get it from the top, to come in and get us going. You can’t play dead, especially against guys in first place. They’re going to come out and give you everything you’ve got, and you’ve got to play it out."

Wow! It is that kind of year for sure. During the ‘Stros final home stand, one of the giveaways is a Pudge bobblehead – huh!

In order to reach Cecil Puede’s goal of 90 wins, we’re going to have to go 29-7 the rest of the way which is going to prove difficult since we still have four left against the Cards and seven against the Phillies – both first place teams – yikes!


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