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Now that H-Town Mayoral candidate CM Peter Brown will get on the airwaves next week with TV ads, the question is will he keep up the buy through November 2 or 3 or will it just be a teaser buy. How long do the other candidates sit on their dough before they join Peter and come into our living rooms. It is definitely advantageous to be the only one on the air. I’m sure there is a little bit of nervousness in the campaign offices of the other candidates. It will be interesting to hear what they spin to their supporters on why they aren’t up yet. The candidate that is the first to air usually gets a little extra attention and run. Commentary is kind of anxious to see what kind of ad Peter introduces to H-Town’s voters. Stay tuned!

HISD’s new superintendent says reducing the dropout rate is going to be a major priority. That means he’s talking directly to the Latino community so Latino leaders ought to be embracing and working with him.

Commentary hasn’t gotten into the deal about the quarterback fella that just signed with the NFL’s Eagles. Yesterday, I read a story about sporting good stores around Philly trying to figure out if they want to stock the gear with the fella’s name and number. Apparently there is a demand for his gear. I don’t know about that. Who in the heck would buy the fella’s jersey and wear it around.

Commentary forgot to mention that Dante had a BD yesterday. I have to talk to him about who he is supporting for Mayor this year. Commentary’s Dad has a BD today. Happy Birthday Dad and Dante!

After being shelled last Friday in Milwaukee, Wandy turned in a wandyful performance last night and got his ERA back under 3 (2.89 actually) as both Numero 45 and Hunter Pence came up with monstrous dingers. Roy O goes tonight to see if we can march toward Cecil Puede’s goal of 90 wins. We will have to go 31-10 the rest of the way as the D-Backs come in for three this weekend.


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