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1:45 pm  -  H-Town Mayoral candidate CM Peter Brown will get on the airwaves next week with TV ads. Now things get very interesting. Now the other candidates will have to rethink, adjust, amend, or stay the course. And they’re off!

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UH’s Dr. Murray who knows more about politics than Commentary and everyone else combined put out his takes on the SHOW ME THE TV mantra.  Check it out.  Of course, what do I know but at least folks are talking about it. I’m also pretty sure that all the campaigns are nervously checking daily to see if their opponents are buying TV ad time because once one goes up, the others are sure to follow.

From the Smoke Them If You Got Them Dept.: Do we actually think that The President s going to tell The First Lady – “are going to wear that?” No guy I know would dare tell his significant other that unless he wanted to get smacked. Of course, I don’t know what the big deal is about The First Lady wearing nice shorts during her vacation. I don’t have a problem if she wants to show off her arms or her legs. If she’s comfortable then that is A-OK with me.

It looks like we have us a new Superintendent of Schools here at HISD. It is no longer a secret according to the Chron. One of the biggest education issues for local Latinos is the dropout problem. Guess what? The new fella is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the National Dropout Prevention Network – interesting.

The Chron hinted yesterday that H-Town Mayoral candidate Peter Brown had taken a few days off so he could spend a few days at his pad on the Mediterranean Sea. I don’t have a problem with that. So he misses a couple or three forums.

In order to get to Cecil Puede’s goal of 90 wins, we have to go 32-10 the rest of the way. Bourn certainly showed his identity last night as he led the ‘Stros to a win. One of the ESPN folks said a couple of months ago – “there is fast, and then there is Michael Bourn.” FYI: Yesterday’s mail included an invoice for playoff tickets – yikes.

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