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Jake James Rodriguez joined us yesterday at 1:22 pm at 8 pounds and 8 ounces and his mom, The Lovelier Wendy, is doing A-OK. She and James called me yesterday to let me know that Jake was ready to don the Brick Red and head to The Yard.

The Chron snatched up Commentary’s take on the H-Town Mayoral race yesterday and put it up on Chron.com for other folks to see. As expected, I got banged around a bit in the comments section. Some fella even hurt my feelings by saying I didn’t know squat about baseball – oh, yeah! I can recite the infield fly rule blindfolded – can you? I can tell you the starting eight position players of the 1960 Yankees – can you?

Let me do some ‘splaining. I don’t have a horse in the mayoral race. I get asked on occasion by a number of players in town what I think is going on in the race. They are asking because this race is far from being a slam dunk for any candidate. Not even the candidate handlers are saying it is a slam dunk deal for them. This thing is still wide open and that is what I tried to convey yesterday so SHOW ME THE TV!

If we can’t get health care reform passed with 60 Dem Senators and close to 60% of the House being Dems, then don’t think for a second that voters are going to look favorably at Dems in 2010.

President Bill Clinton is 63 today. Happy Birthday Mr. President!

In order to get to Cecil Puede’s goal of 90 wins, we have to go 33-10 the rest of the way. I don’t know about that. We returned the rental yesterday, errr Pudge. We put Hampton on the 15 day DL – we should have put him on the 45 day DL. We’re hurting real bad but at least we didn’t sign Brett Favre.


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