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H-Town’s Mayoral candidates still do not want to SHOW ME THE TV so I have to give the advantage at this time to Annise Parker. The later the ad wars get going, the better for Annise. Let’s not forget that she has been on a citywide ballot half a dozen times now. She has also served in a high profile position – City Controller – for over five and a half years. She has better name ID on August 18, 2009.

I was discussing the race with one of the best in the business yesterday and he said a lower voter turnout in November benefits Annise. I have to agree because I think she has the most passionate supporters. The way Commentary sees it today I don’t think H-Town voters will be overwhelmed by TV ads this campaign season so that could contribute to one of the lowest turnouts in a while. Stay tuned!

Commentary was checking out Hutch on Chron.com make her announcement speech and smack dab behind her was Dwight Boykins. I can’t believe I helped that fella out a while back when he ran for H-Town City Council.

This past weekend, the Chron’s E-Board came out with a take on City of H-Town term limits. They basically came out for another version of term limits – three four year terms.  Check it out.  If you are going to take on term limits, go all the way and eliminate them altogether.

Commentary will never figure out baseballnomics. The dead last Washington Nationals with the worst record in the MLB signed the #1 draft choice for $15.1 mil. Stephen Strasburg sure better get to the majors quick and earn that money as folks in D.C. are going to be paying $10 for a sixteen ounce Bud Light – yikes!

Cecil Puede said we would get 90 wins this season. That means we have to go 33-11 for the rest of the season as the Fish come in for three starting this evening.

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