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Hutch kicks off her campaign in Galveston County this morning – good luck! Hutch obviously reads Commentary because she is going to say that Guv Dude has been in office way too long. Meanwhile, the Dem State Senator from Travis County said he wasn’t going to run for Guv even though he said he would have won – huh – yeah, sure. Usually, the way it works, if you can win then run. Of course, he also probably read Commentary because he knows he couldn’t win because he couldn’t figure out how to engage the growing Latino vote. Tom Schieffer is wondering why Lone Star State Dems aren’t embracing his candidacy – huh! Maybe it has something to do with that big hickey on his next given to him by 43 that just won’t go away.

CEWDEM sent out some stuff this past weekend on 10 reasons why folks shouldn’t vote for the H-Town Mayor or John Sharp in the U.S. Senate race. I think some of the shots at The Mayor were off the mark. The fella that took the shot obviously doesn’t know jack about environmental law in the Lone Star State. They are kind of skewed in favor of industry. The H-Town Mayor has had to be very creative in taking on industry. I want the fella to go ask industry lobbyists what they think of the H-Town Mayor.

It looks like DeLay will be “Dancing with the Stars.” I wonder if they are going to have him wear tight pants. I wonder if he is going to wear a silk shirt that is open all the way to his belly button – yikes!

Commentary’s weekend for the most part was pretty miserable. The AC here went out Friday afternoon and the AC repair guys couldn’t get here until this morning. Heck, it was hotter inside than outside.

Then Tiger got run yesterday – ouch!

Then The President’s folks signaled that they were going to punt on health care reform. It looks like they are fixing to take the reform out of the debate. What is the whole point in having Dems control Congress and The White House? I sure hate to see scoreboard go to the insurance giants.

The misery continued as Wandy got lit up Friday night and we lost two out of three in Milwaukee. Cecil Puede said we would get 90 wins this season. That means we have to go 33-11 for the rest of the season – ouch.

About the only good thing that happened this weekend was taking in “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” It is definitely a different take on time travel flicks but you need to check it out.


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