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Yesterday, Commentary’s shop sent out an email announcing the supporters for Rick Rodriguez, candidate for H-Town City Council, At Large, Position 1. We will be helping him out this election season. Rodriguez is being taken very seriously. One opposing campaign asked him to consider running in At-Large, Position 4 race – no thanks. Another major interest group asked Rodriguez to run in At-Large, Position 5 – no thanks again. It is pretty obvious to Commentary that local political players know that Rodriguez has a strong base and is a force to deal with. Stay tuned!

If Gene Locke becomes the next H-Town Mayor, he is going to build us a Latino Museum. That’s pretty cool. I wonder if he’ll let me display my foul ball collection. We can call it the “Most Foul Balls Caught by an H-Town Latino Exhibit.” Heck, the stuff I got in my office and in storage could probably fill a wing of the museum. Heck, I wonder if he’ll go for a deal where I give him daily positive run in Commentary from now until November 3 in return for him naming a wing of the museum “The Commentary Wing.” Sounds like a good deal to me.

Commentary gets the feeling that Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee actually believes that any kind of run – good or bad – is good run. She probably thinks the run she is getting on You Tube regarding the cell phone call at her town hall meeting on health care reform is good run. She also probably thinks that her performance on CNN yesterday afternoon with Rick Sanchez was A-OK. We will see!

Commentary will be watching Tiger go for another Major this weekend.

Cecil Puede said we would get 90 wins this season. That means we have to go 34-13 for the rest of the season – ouch. Commentary will be surprised if Mike Hampton is a ‘Stro next year. After last night, reliever Chris Sampson was sent to Round Rock and he was not too happy. Well, I was not too happy watching him get shelled last night. The ‘Stros now limp into Milwaukee for three this weekend.


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