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The Chron’s Columnist has a piece today about Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee’s Town Hall Meeting on Health Care Reform. Turns out the GOP’s Jared didn’t have to send out thugs to mess things up.  Check it out.  She got on her cell phone while someone was talking and asking a question. You gotta be freaking cwazy! Come on! That sends the absolute wrong message!  There ought to be a law banning town hall meeting hosts from getting on their cell phones during their own freaking town hall meetings!

The Chron also has a piece about Cong. Jackson Lee’s Town Hall Meeting and how she didn’t promote it.  Check it out. 

That’s pretty good. We’re using the recess to shoot ourselves in the foot on health care reform. Like I said a few days ago, I wish The President could choose his own Democratic Congressional Leadership Team because the folks currently in charge have managed to get rolled pretty good on this.

Heck, they aren’t town hall meetings. They are town hall melees!

The next time I run in to Hillary I’ll make sure not ask how Bill is doing.

FYI: Remember Jason Lane? He caught the last out of the 2005 NLCS that sent us to the World Serious. He’s now batting .245 as a member of the Las Vegas 51s, Toronto’s AAA affiliate.

Speaking of, recently released Russ Ortiz is now a member of the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees, the AAA affiliate of the NY Yankees.

Cecil Puede said we would get 90 wins this season. That means we have to go 35-14 for the rest of the season and after last night, well, like they said in “Godfather, II” – “difficult, but not impossible.” I actually thought a 7-2 lead would be good enough but what do I know? Hey, we caught a Fish last night but threw it back – yikes!

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