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Some H-Town Dems kind of slapped around H-Town Mayoral candidate Gene Locke a while back because he had my pal Jacob Monty – a Guv Dude appointee – serving as his campaign treasurer. I wonder what these same H-Town Dems have to say about H-Town Mayoral candidate Annise Parker hiring my pal Sue Walden – who raised dough for DeLay, McCain and Hutch. Maybe it is a case of different strokes for different folks.

H-Town Mayoral candidate Peter Brown’s campaign reads Commentary. They ditched their fundraising event that was being hosted by a city appointed METRO Board Member which is a no-no in H-Town City Council Campaign ordinances. I wonder if the $500 penalty will be imposed for this mess up.

The Chron’s Bradley Olson had a piece in this past Sunday’s Chron about how the 4 mayoral candidates will pay for more police officers to fight crime.       Check it out.   If you read closely they are not really telling us how they will pay for more. Back in 1991, then candidate Bob Lanier (Commentary was working for him) told us he was going to snatch away METRO funds to pay for more law enforcement. Heck, he even said how much. The current crop isn’t really giving us specifics. They are just giving us tough talk without the details. Annise is the Controller so she ought to be able to point specifically to a pot of dough she can use. Gene has all the City Hall insiders helping him out including Mayor Bob so he ought to also be able to ID some buckos. Peter is the creative one so he at least ought to make up or create a stash of loot he can use for more cops on the street. SHOW ME THE MONEY!


Commentary has to hand it to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) promoters for integrating the UFC into the health care reform town hall meetings across the U.S. of A. Speaking of, the local GOP Chair wants local GOPers to crash Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee’s Health Care Reform Town Hall Meetings. This has got to be one of the most stupid suggestions of the political year. Can’t he be criminally charged with premeditated arson or conspiracy to commit arson? It sounds like “Jared the Dumbarse” wants to send his right wing folks out there to a Town Hall meeting hosted by one of Congress’ most liberal members for the simple reason of creating a You Tube sensation where somebody could literally get hurt. Way to go you dumbarse!

Somebody suggested that maybe I ought to hold a baby name contest to forward to The Lovelier Wendy and James to help them make a selection. Heck, this is their first born not some giraffe that was born over at the Houston Zoo – sorry, no thanks.

Commentary forgot to mention that Tiger scored career victory number 70 on the PGA Tour this past weekend.

FYI: Remember Chris Burke? He’s now a member of the Gwinnett Braves, the Triple A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. Gwinnett is in Georgia. A little bit of baseball irony in that Burke’s most famous ‘Stros moment was getting the walk-off dinger against the Braves in the bottom of the 18th in the NLDS back in 2005.

Commentary also forgot to mention that Numero 45 got career dinger Numero 300 this past Saturday at The Yard.

Cecil Puede said we would get 90 wins this season. That means we have to go 35-15 for the rest of the season. I don’t know about that. Like Numero 45 says in today’s Chron – “Every night we lose, it’s getting tougher” as we try to catch some Fish over the next three days in South Florida with Roy O returning to the mound tonight – finally!

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