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Commentary watched George Lopez on HBO this past weekend as 14,000 SA “Mexicans went to see him in a down economy!”

He didn’t waste time blistering the 31 GOPers that voted against Judge Sotomayor including the “cabrona” from the Lone Star State – yikes, his words, not mine.

He went on to say the GOP told Latinos “f___ you people!!

Lopez responded that the GOP “will never get the Latino vote!”

His text message stuff was classic from OMG to ADM to MMLV – ditto yikes!

He also laid it on Lou Dobbs, former Governor Palin, and the weather folks for blaming us for the bad weather a la “El Nino.”

He pretty much summed it up by saying “what can Brown do for you?”

I would highly recommend the show on HBO to all wise Latinas and Latinos.

Dems would be wiser to bring in George Lopez in 2010 for sure.

The Austin American Statesman has a piece about the Dems chances next year. Check it out.   One of the consultants in the piece makes reference to the role South Texas leaders will play. That is all fine and dandy but once again it is proof that folks still don’t get that Latinos in the H-Town area will have to be engaged to even have a shot at winning. The article talks about the current crop of folks running or thinking about running. They are probably all nice fellas but none of them have what it takes to fully engage the Latino voter – no se puede!

Commentary got a fundraiser invitation from H-Town Mayoral candidate Peter Brown yesterday hosted by a METRO Board Member – a city appointee. I don’t know about that since it is a violation of city campaign ordinance for a METRO board member appointed by the city to solicit campaign funds for city candidates. That is a penalty for sure and a fumble and stumble by Brown. No se puede!

Commentary was at The Yard this past weekend and saw a new product by Sam Adams called “Twisted Tea.” It is some sort of tea flavored malt beer. They called it a “hard iced tea.” I also don’t know about that but it was selling.

Cecil Puede said we would get 90 wins this season. That means we have to go 35-16 for the rest of the season. Well, to do that we had better start playing a lot better as we go Fishing for the next four in South Florida.

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