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Yesterday at 2:14 pm CDT Commentary was in the office and watched Senator Al Franken announce the confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor – finally. Scoreboard Wise Latina! Commentary has to take his hat off to those GOPers that voted to confirm: Lamar Alexander (TN), Kit Bond (MO), Susan Collins (ME), Lindsey Graham (SC), Judd Gregg (NH), Richard Lugar (IN), Mel Martinez (FL), Olympia Snowe (ME) and George Voinovich (OH). They didn’t buy into the GOP BS like the two Lone Star State Senators who brought shame to our state and totally disrespected the growing Latino community. In my book, they are the lowest of the low….tsk, tsk, tsk! We are a state rich in Latino heritage and culture and even have tons of Spanish language names of counties, cities, streets, parks, and rivers and they said no se puede! They represent state leadership that doesn’t think much about folks like Commentary.

Commentary also takes his hat off to The President. He definitely gets it in regards to the growing Latino community. I just wish Lone Star State Dem leadership did too.

Commentary was watching CNN last night and they had folks grade everyone and everyone got bad marks including The President, the Dem leadership in Congress, the GOP leadership in Congress, and the media. Commentary didn’t send in a grade in but I would have given The President an A (I would have given him an A+ if he had served up St. Arnold last week), the Dem leadership a D+ (they are in control but don’t seem to close the right deals and then go on and buy luxury jets for themselves after they chewed out auto execs for not flying coach – heck, I wish The President could pick who he wanted to lead the Dems in Congress), the GOP leadership an F (all they are trying to do is make The President look bad), and the media I don’t give grades to.

Commentary forgot to mention that the ‘Stros went 15-13 in July and the Chron said we would go 14-12 (we had a couple of make-up games added to the mix). The Chron said we would be 55-48 heading into August when we were actually 51-52. We got the Brewers coming in for three this weekend and need to gain some ground for sure.


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