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It looks like Hutch can’t decide when she wants to resign or if she will resign to run. Check it out in today’s Chron.  Commentary is not an expert on GOP politics, but I would definitely have to say advantage Guv Dude. Heck, she might just decide to stay in the U.S. Senate. To GOPers, Dude looks more decisive.

Yesterday it was The Roundtable’s turn to get into the Fire Department mess: “The Roundtable salutes the Houston Fire Department for its prompt action capturing a suspected arsonist in connection with the Gallery Furniture fire. We also salute whoever was responsible for announcing the arrest on the same day protestors marched on Houston City Hall demanding reforms in the Houston Fire Department. A discussion of this astonishing coincidence commences at 7:00 tonight (yesterday, Wednesday) at (undisclosed location unless you know the secret pin #).

State Rep Carol Alvarado will be on the radio Friday morning at 7:45 am with Dean & Rog, 107.5 FM, The Eagle, to present them with House Resolution 1712, honoring Dean & Rog for 12 years of entertaining Houston’s radio listeners. Check it out!

Yesterday afternoon I had to don my batting helmet as baseballs were flying all over the office in the Cubbie 12 zip rout of the dinged up ‘Stros. New ‘Stro Bud Norris made his debut yesterday as we have another afternoon game today that we need to win pretty bad.

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