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Now that Hutch has announced she will vote against Judge Sotomayor, Lone Star State Dems have an excellent opportunity to fully engage the state’s growing Latino vote. National Latino organizations are pretty much united in supporting Judge Sotomayor. Dems need to step forward and take full advantage of the current political situation. Check it out.  Of course, other than issuing press releases, I don’t think the Lone Star State Dems are going to do anything else to engage the Latino vote.

It is pretty clear that Hutch is now going all out to appeal to GOP right wingers in order to win next years’s GOP Guv Primary so voting against a historical appointment isn’t too much of a big deal to her even in a state with close to 40% of its people Latino. The conversation behind closed doors in Hutch’s office probably went like this: From one of her GOP advisors – “Senator, if you vote for Judge Sotomayor, Guv Dude is going to hang this “wise Latina” around your neck for the next seven months. You will be toast.” From Hutch – “But won’t I alienate Latino voters in the Fall of 2010?” From her GOP advisors – “We will worry about that if we get by Guv Dude. Besides, there is no evidence that the Lone Star State Dems are going to launch a major Latino voter outreach effort anytime soon and so far their candidates for Guv don’t look like they will excite the base.”

No se puede! What else is new!

The Chron’s Columnist weighed in on the H-Town Fire Department mess.   Check it out.  You know we got us a mess when local African American leaders marched yesterday to protest in 97 degree weather – yikes!

The Gene Locke for H-Town Mayoral Campaign brought on a seasoned fundraiser yesterday. SHOW ME THE TV!

In the old days, before Commentary, when I used to check out games at the Dome, grub choices were slim. Now you can get the following at The Yard: Regular Hot Dogs, Foot Long Hot Dogs, Chicken Tenders, Steak Dogs, Bubba Burgers, Sausages, French Fries, Bistro-style Sandwiches, grilled Panini Sandwiches, gourmet Salads, Pretzels, Popcorn , Peanuts, Papa John’s Pizza, BBQ Sandwiches, Chopped BBQ Potatoes, Ice Cream Sundaes, Bratwurst, Polish Sausages, Jalapeno Sausages, Kosher Dogs, Veggie Dogs, Loaded Potato, Hand Dipped Ice Cream, Soft Serve Ice Cream, Wings, Cotton Candy, Fajitas, Sliders, Rice, Beans, Chicken in Chipolte Sauce, Cuban Sandwiches, Picadillo, Plantains, Flan, and Nachos.

In the old days you could only get you a handful of beer selections. Now there is Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Light, MGD, Corona, Heineken, Blue Moon, Top Dog, Shiner Bock, Sam Adams, Bud Select, Dos Equis, Bud Light Lime, Michelob Ultra, Redhook, Shock Top that comes with an orange slice., and of course St. Arnold Lawnmower and St. Arnold Amber.

As we approach Friday’s Major League Baseball trade deadline, there are a lot of rumors involving a bunch of players and teams. The ‘Stros aren’t in any of the rumors.

Commentary has to admit that it didn’t look too good last night when Roy O left with back issues in the second inning. The ‘Stros were still able to piece together an 11-6 victory thanks to Miggy’s 5 RBIs and Keppinger’s 3 RBIs. Meanwhile, LaTroy Hawkins is on sick leave with shingles – ouch. Wesley Wright might have appendicitis. Roy O is on his way home to have his back checked. The Big Puma is still out and we’re two and a half back as we take on the now second place Cubbies this afternoon.

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