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Commentary is waiting to see which H-Town Mayoral candidate is going to make the first major move and go up on TV. Will it be Gene Locke who raised the most money but just got rid of his fundraiser? Will it be Annise Parker who has the most individual donors? Will it be Peter Brown who let it be known that he just might write a personal check? One thing is pretty much for sure, don’t look for any money to be spent going after the Latino vote like on Spanish language TV or radio. From what I can tell, it looks like there will be just about enough dough for regular English only TV. Most folks think this race is between Gene Locke and Annise Parker. However, if Peter Brown starts dipping into his own money, he might just blow everyone away. Of course there are still some observers that think another player just might get into the game. I think it is a possibility considering that none of the announced candidates to date have shown an ability to pull away from the rest of the pack. Stay tuned!

Speaking of, my friend Bill King put in his dos centavos worth on the Houston Fire Department mess in a Chron Op-Ed today. Check it out. 

Meanwhile, a Fire Department Captain apollyized yesterday for having a hangman’s noose in his locker. He said he didn’t know it was offensive to some.  Check it out.  That’s why we need more diversity training.

Former QB Michael Vick can now play in the NFL. The question is which NFL team wants to take the PR hit when they sign him.

Hot Dog Eating Champ Joey Chestnut will be in H-Town on Friday, September 4 for the Kolache Factory’s Kolache Eating Contest at The Yard after the ‘Stros take on the Pirates. Of course the kolaches that the Kolache Factory put out are not the real kolaches like the original ones you can pick up in Weimar and Schulenburg with blueberries, cheese, peaches, or prunes stuffed on them. What the Kolache Factory puts out are those pigs-in-a-blanket looking things with chunks of sausage, eggs, cheese or wiener stuffed in them – its real name is a “klobasnek.”

The Chron ran a story yesterday on Jeff Bagwell – what is he doing these days and what are his chances to get into the Hall of Fame. Check it out.  He is 31st all time in slugging percentage, 34th in career dingers, and 45th in RBIs. That’s good enough for Commentary.

Speaking of, Commentary is not feeling too good this morning after staying up late to see the ‘Stros get Grand Salamied in the 13th inning. It was another Wandyful performance but we just couldn’t get it done. Roy O goes this evening in one we really need.

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