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The President could have easily been talking about the Gene Locke for H-Town Mayor Campaign when he said “acted stupidly” last week. The Chron’s Columnist did a piece yesterday on the Locke Campaign showing my pal Sue Walden – who is battling an illness – the door – yikes! Check it out.  Heck, they sure need a course in PR 101 over there. I guess the Locke Campaign doesn’t read Commentary because I thought they did A-OK in the fundraising department. They think they did A-OK and even put out a press release twelve days ago touting their fundraising haul. Check it out. 

If you ask Commentary, I think the folks that made the decision to get rid of Sue ought to be shown the door. Stay tuned!

The Lone Star State’s Junior U.S. Senator has decided that it is OK to vote against Judge Sotomayor. I guess he figures that the Lone Star State Dems will continue to sit on their arses and not fully engage the Latino vote any time soon – he’s probably right. No se puede!

H-Town CM Jolanda Jones certainly isn’t going to let the Fire Fighters Association do a drive by on her. She’s fighting back. Check it out.

Meanwhile, it ought to be interesting at City Hall today as CM Melissa Noriega’s Public Safety Committee holds a public hearing on the Fire Department problems.

It looks to me that after the sweep of the Cards last week and a one run win over the Mets Friday night, the ‘Stros just ran out of gas this weekend. So it is on to Chicago for four against the first place Cubbies starting this evening.  This is going to be one interesting road trip that winds up in San Luis this weekend.

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