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The President hurt the feelings of the Cambridge, Massachusetts PD says their Chief. Oh brother, get over it. Thanks to The President, the issue of racial profiling is now front and center in our living rooms, dining room tables, and around the water cooler. That’s a good thing.

The Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association has gone to war with H-Town CM Jolanda Jones. They distributed a scathing letter they sent to Jolanda. Check it out in today’s Chron.   I guess Jolanda hurt their feelings too. I was telling someone yesterday that I voted for Jolanda in 2007 not because I thought she would make sure my garbage was picked up on time. I voted for her because sometimes we need someone to kick things around and stir up stuff. I don’t always agree with her. Let’s see where this thing goes.

Of course I wonder if the Fire Fighters Association is going to send a scathing letter to the Chron over Nick Anderson’s editorial cartoon that is in the Chron today – ouch! It is a Houston Fire Dept. doggie pi__ing on a fire hydrant labeled “Women and Minorities.” Check it out.   I wonder if their feelings are hurt on this one. It is one thing to go to war with Jolanda. It is another thing to go to war with the Chron.

Lone Star State government is going to be the target of “Texas Tribune” a news service watchdog organization that will be launched this Fall. Check it out in today’s SA Express News.  My old pal Matt Stiles will be one of the Tribune Troopers. Matt, who was with the Chron, gets the credit for ushering in City of H-Town online campaign reports. Commentary thinks “Texas Tribune” is needed and a great idea. Stay tuned!

Here’s what the Statesman’s Jason Embry said about John Sharp’s fundraising to date: “I reported in this space yesterday that Democrat John Sharp raised a paltry $45,000 for his U.S. Senate campaign in the second quarter of the year. But Sharp’s fundraising situation was actually worse than I gathered upon first glancing at the report he filed with the Federal Election Commission.

“Sharp returned more than $90,000 to his contributors during the second quarter. So his net contributions for the period totaled -$45,000. These returned contributions were large checks — many of them for the per-election maximum of $2,400. And more than $70,000 of those returned contributions went back to employees, and family of employees, of Ryan and Co., the tax-consulting firm that employs Sharp.

“Ryan and Co. employees (not their families) gave Sharp more than $150,000 in the first quarter of the year. So Sharp is not returning all of the money he got from them. But he is returning a lot of it, and it’s unclear why. Sharp’s campaign did not respond to questions about the contributions Thursday.

“Of all the candidates running to replace U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Sharp has the second-most cash on hand with $2.9 million. But he also raised the least amount of money in the second quarter. He’s only financially competitive at the moment because he has loaned his own campaign $2.6 million. With the other Democrat in the race, Houston Mayor Bill White, leading the field in money raised, Sharp either isn’t trying to raise money or isn’t very good at it any more.”

This is the same John Sharp that said he was going to carry Harris County – yeah, sure.

My good friend Drayton reads Commentary. He sent me a note yesterday to thank me for the birthday greeting and said he got a Cardinal sweep for his BD present.

The next two weeks just got a bit more difficult as the team announced yesterday that The Big Puma is dinged up and will be put on sick leave for 15 days.

The first 10,000 tonight get “Lil Puma Webkinz” (what the heck is a Webkinz) and the first 10,000 manana get “Los Astros” lids. Bethany and Reid will join me this evening as Los Mets come in for three. I would normally sign off with a “be there” but I understand they may be close to selling out this weekend – great!

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