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I’m with The President when he says the Cambridge, Massachusetts PD acted “stupidly” when they arrested the African American Harvard professor at his own crib earlier this week. Racial profiling is alive and well in the U.S. of A. It happens all the time. It certainly would not have happened to a White Harvard professor – period! When White dude talking heads start yakketty yakking on this and side with law enforcement, I pay no attention because they will never experience this – SO SHUT UP!

Speaking of, H-Town CM Melissa Noriega’s Public Safety Committee will hold a hearing on the Houston Fire Department racial and sensitivity issues next week. It ought to be real interesting. I wonder what the betting line or over/under is on the future of the Fire Chief.

Due to technical difficulties Commentary couldn’t make it out to The Yard last night to wish my good friend Drayton a Happy Birthday. According to the ‘StrosNotes, since Drayton took over the ‘Stros in 1993, the club has the 5th best winning percentage (.534) in MLB and 2nd in the NL.

Also in the ‘StrosNotes, the ‘Stros have been to the playoffs 6 times over the past 12 season. In the past 12 seasons, only the Yankees (11), Braves (9), Red Sox (7), and Cardinals (6) have made the playoffs as many times – cool.

Also in the ‘StrosNotes, in July, Wandy leads the Majors in wins (4), and ERA (0.62) – cool.

Numero 45’s Grand Salami the other night was his 14th career Salami putting him tied for 14th on the all time Grand Salami list. He’s tied with Jason Giambi, Gil Hodges, Mark McGwire, and Mike Piazza. Lou Gehrig is at the top of the all time list with 23 Salamis.

Oh yeah, I forgot – we got us a sweep last night and are now a game back. The Chron’s Jesus said this morning that The Yard “rocked” last night with 37,000 plus in attendance. Pam-In-Charge sent me a note from The Yard last night and said the climate inside was “electric.” Commentary expects to see more local movers and shakers at The Yard in coming games because that’s going to be the place to be because we’re contending and everybody loves a winner! We have today off and then the Mets come in for a weekend three – are you Serious!

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