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CEWDEM put a birthday greeting to former State Sen Gene Jones yesterday. Gene was one of the Killer Bees (12 State Senators) who hid out of sight back in 1979. Talk about timing. Commentary’s Mom came by yesterday and dropped on my desk a Killer Bees T-Shirt she found going through my old stuff. It is a slightly used yellow tee with the Ben Sargent cartoon on front. It looks like it doesn’t fit me anymore so I might just put it on ebay to see what I can fetch.

Now that folks are though spinning the campaign fundraising reports, a big question remains. How much $$$ is still out there for H-Town Mayoral candidate Gene Locke? SHOW ME THE TV!

Commentary heard that U.S. Senate candidate John Sharp was in town recently and predicted that he would carry Harris County – yeah, sure.

H-Town CM James Rodriguez weighed in yesterday on Commentary’s posting of the Top Ten Yard Moments. James who used to be a ‘Stros batboy wanted to know how come we don’t have the Top Ten Dome Baseball Moments like his fav – DK’s No-No in 1993. How about The Mick’s Opening Game Dinger in 1965, Nolan’s No-No in 1981, Mike Scott’s No-No that clinched in 1986, Billy Hatcher’s 1986 playoff dinger, the first playoff game ever in 1980 versus the Phillies, the last regular season game ever versus the Dodgers in 1999, the last game ever versus the Braves in 1999, the 1968 All Star Game, the 1986 All Star Game, Game 3 of the playoffs in 1999 versus the Braves when we had the bases loaded with no outs and the game tied in the bottom of the ninth and we couldn’t score, and the first time I got to sit with Drayton in Diamond Level in 1999. My personal Top Dome Baseball Moment is when I first met Pam-In-Charge – cool.

Speaking of, here’s what one of her employees sent: “So don’t ask me how I found this, but apparently the Library of Congress and other agencies have been archiving webpages with the premise that since websites are so transitory, alot of history has been lost…apparently so, click here for the Astros web archive dating back to 1996…some on this email may have played a part in these “revolutionary” pages…” – PRIMATIVE!

What about Numero 45’s Grand Salami last night as Pence and Blum was also a part of the dinger parade as the ‘Stros won 11-6 in front of over 33,000. The Yard was definitely buzzing last night as Wandy picked up his tenth win. Roy O takes on San Luis ace Chris Carpenter tonight – be there!

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