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Commentary is impressed with the amount of money Gene Locke raised – $1.15 mil. He’s the only one to venture into seven figure land. Not bad for a fella that has never had to raise this kind of money before.

Commentary is also impressed with the fact that Peter Brown put in $765,000 of his own dough into the race and has the most campaign cash in the bank.  He’s the only one with seven figures in the bank.

Commentary also noticed that the local GOP has officially raised the white flag in this year’s mayoral race by not helping Roy Morales raise any dinero – nada. No se puede!

Nobody is in the driver’s seat. Now let’s see who makes the next MAJOR move by being the first to air TV ads. SHOW ME THE TV!

It looks like GOP and Latino voters will be the deciders in this year’s mayoral race in H-Town. Saturday’s Houston Area Latino Summit Mayoral Debate at Minute Maid Park is certainly going to be pivotal. Stay tuned!

Commentary is one Latino that is certainly not offended by GOP Senator Tom Coburn asking Judge Sotomayor yesterday to do some ‘splaining. Ricky Ricardo always asked Lucy to ‘splain stuff and we still laugh about it. Commentary also uses the ‘splain word so Latinos that are making a fuss need to chill.

The ‘Stros open a four game series in LA this evening as MANROID makes his first appearance at Dodger Stadium since being on ROIDLEAVE. The Chron has a piece today about The Big Puma putting on a ‘Stros uniform for the first time ten years ago today.  Check it out.  Let the second half begin!

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