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Preparations are being finalized for this Saturday’s Houston Area Latino Summit Mayoral Debate at Minute Maid Park. Questions are being developed and honed. Questioners are being recruited. We are also quietly assembling a panel of uncommitted Houston Latino voters whose task will be to rate the performances of the mayoral candidates at the debate. The cumulative ratings will be announced at the conclusion of the debate. To my knowledge, this is the first time – I think – that this feature has ever been part of a local mayoral debate.

Commentary thinks that this is going to be a very interesting debate with inquisitive questions dealing with relevant issues. Latina and Latino leaders in attendance are going to come away with a pretty good idea on what the candidates really know and feel about the local Latino community. The setting is going to be nice and comfortable with refreshments and light snacks.

Commentary wants to thank those that have RSVPed and the sponsors, of course it is still not too late to RSVP or serve as a sponsor.

Today’s Austin American Statesman has a blurb about a couple of Houston elected Dems not supporting H-Town Mayor for U.S. Senate. Here is what was said: “Democrat John Sharp will announce that Harris County’s two Democratic county commissioners — El Franco Lee and Sylvia Garcia — are endorsing his candidacy for the seat now held by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Their endorsement of Sharp is a slight of Houston Mayor Bill White, the other major Democrat who says he wants Hutchison’s seat, since they’re from White’s hometown.” If I was the Mayor, I wouldn’t worry about it. I think he will still overwhelmingly carry the H-Town area Latino and African American vote whenever we have an election. I guess we might not get a soccer stadium deal done anytime soon.

The following was sent out yesterday by the Office of The Dean:

“AUSTIN, Texas — At the request of U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, State Senator John Whitmire (D-Houston) will be in Washington, D.C. this week to express his support of Senator Hutchison’s legislation allowing the jamming of cell phone signals within prison facilities.

“In October, 2008, Senator Whitmire received numerous calls from a Texas death row inmate. The inmate had access to a cell phone which was shared with other inmates and used to make over 2,800 calls in less than a month. The following investigation resulted in a statewide prison lock-down, the discovery of hundreds of cell phones, and the indictment of the inmate and his mother and sister who helped provide the phone.

“’Unfortunately, it took a death row inmate calling a State Senator to bring the issue to light and to force the prison system in Texas to recognize and begin to address the problem of contraband in our prisons,’ stated Senator Whitmire.

“Senator Whitmire is scheduled to appear at 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, July 15th before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation chaired by Senator Rockefeller. Also invited to testify are Steve Largent, head of the CTIA Wireless Association; Gary Maynard, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services; and John Moriarty, Inspector General of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

"’The incident in Texas has proven that it is extremely difficult to stop all contraband in our prisons," commented Whitmire. ‘If allowing the jamming of cell phone signals prevents another person from going through what I went through, then I sincerely hope the wireless companies will work with Congress to pass federal legislation allowing prisons to block cell phone signals within their walls.’

"’I look forward to sharing my personal experience on the dangers of prisoners having access to cell phones,’ stated Senator Whitmire. ‘What happened to me should never happen to another person.’”

Heck, while The Dean is up in D.C., don’t be surprised if he’s asked to testify on behalf of Judge Sotomayor to help get her to 90 votes plus. While he’s in D.C., maybe he can lend his expertise and get a health care plan nailed down. Maybe he can also get the stimulus funds moving faster to the states.

Commentary is a loyal viewer of “The Today Show.” Of course, they don’t always get it right like yesterday when they had as 19 year old kid from Alaska who happens to be the father of Governor Palin’s grandkid telling us why Governor Palin resigned.

Commentary has said it before, baseball is the best game ever invented – period! On my way home from The Yard Friday evening, I was listening to scores from other games and heard that a no hitter was in progress out in San Francisco. When I got to my place, I turned on the MLB Channel and they had Jonathan Sanchez from the Giants pitching in the seventh inning with the crowd at AT&T Park going wild. He ended up getting the no-no. Going into the game he had a 2-8 record and had even been knocked out of the pitching rotation but was reinserted because Randy Johnson was put on the DL – go figure.

Commentary was watching the Home Run Derby last night and during the dingerfest, the first round ended with three players tied for the fourth position so they had to go into extra innings of sort. They referred to it as a “bat-off” or “swing-off.” Sometimes dingers are called “jack” – well, you know where I’m not going.

Chicago will have three representatives at tonight’s MLB All Star Game – Ted Lilly of the Cubbies, Mark Buerhle of the White Sox and The President. I wonder if Miggy will have to apollyize to The President. Commentary will be rooting for the National League tonight because when the ‘Stros play in the World Serious this October, I want us to have home field advantage.

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