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Today’s Chron lead editorial is about the shameful and cowardly graffiti that was left at a Houston fire station. Check it out.  It may be the act of one. It may not be the act of one. It may be the act of someone outside of the department. Regardless, it is an embarrassment and everybody ought to work diligently together to nab the perp/perps. It is also a wake-up call for H-Town to get our arses in gear and figure out a way to make a whole lot of quick progress in the diversification of the Houston Fire Department (HFD). One of the Chron’s sub headlines today says this about HFD – “Department mostly male, mostly white.” There are nor more excuses for this!

Commentary is providing a service for local folks interested in the upcoming H-Town City Elections.  You can now go to one of our website pages at http://camposcommunications.com/candidates09.html  and get the website addresses and emails for all the candidates that are running for H-Town Mayor, City Controller, and City Council. I think this is the only website in town that has this info. If we are missing some candidates or have posted the wrong info, please let us know.

After last night’s game, ‘Stros pitcher Russ Ortiz complained to reporters that he didn’t like getting yanked after three innings and after giving up four runs. He also said that Cecil Puede says he (Ortiz) is not his type of pitcher – huh! Commentary would prefer that they keep these discussions behind closed doors for now.

At tonight’s game, the players will wear HFD lids then after the game they will be auctioned off to raise money for the Firefighters Protection Fund. I hope they check the lids first and make sure there is not any unseemly graffiti written on them – yikes! Roy O goes tonight and maybe – just maybe – we can climb back to .500!

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