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Commentary had the Michael Jackson Memorial on and checking out Kobe, Magic, Smokey, Stevie, Lionel, Mayer, Rev. Sharpton, Brooke, Mariah, Queen, Jennifer – then throughout H-Town you could actually hear the collective “what” and thud of jaws dropping as Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee took the podium. YOU GOTTA BELIEVE! She didn’t let us down as she was vintage Sheila all the way. SHE NAILED IT!

I’m betting if Sheila had been born in the 1920s, she would have found her way to board the USS Missouri and say a few words before Japan surrendered. I won’t be surprised to find out that she was in the control room forty years ago and actually had the headsets on when the famous words – “Houston, the Eagle has landed” – were uttered.

21 networks carried the memorial service live. Sheila is really going to have to come up with something special to top her appearance and performance yestertoday. Heck, it would not surprise me if she headed out to Europe in a couple of days and put on the yellow jersey for the final leg of the Tour de France. WAY TO GO SHEILA JACKSON LEE!

CEWDEM and some Texas Tech folks are going a bit cwazy this morning over the news that 43’s AG will be teaching college kids up in Lubbock. Hey, look at it this way – at least he’s not teaching in a bigger media market like H-town.

We should have won last night but for the fact that The Big Puma made a physical and mental booboo…..arrrgh!

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