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Commentary and soon to be former Governor Palin don’t see eye to eye on most things. However, I do think that her decision to resign is a good move for her. As long as she was Governor of Alaska, it would have been very difficult for her to participate in a national debate on the issues. It is too much of a geographic challenge.

Governor Palin has decided that if she is going to play national politics, she is going to do so on her own terms.  Think about it.   She is being lambasted for her resignation announcement this past Friday because it wasn’t scripted – huh!  I think it is kind of silly to write her off. She is not looking for approval from Commentary, the talking heads, or those folks inside the beltway. She’s looking for approval from the thousands of GOP activists out there that are inviting her to their communities. Right now she’s the biggest draw in the GOP and she is going to take advantage.

I’m sure she is also going to make some money by writing a book, giving speeches, maybe serving on boards – you get the picture. She will also probably travel to foreign countries and meet with foreign big shots to make it look like she has some international cred.

A year from now in the midst of the 2010 mid term elections we will have a better idea on whether or not Governor Palin’s decision was a wise one. If she ends up being the most sought after GOPer to showcase at fundraisers and GOTV rallies and gather up a bunch of political chits in the process, I wonder what her current critics will have to say then. Stay tuned!

One of the afternoon hosts – Matt jackson – on local Sports 610 Radio has never thought much of Miggy. He thinks we ought to trade him. I wonder what he will have to say today now that Miggy has made the National League All Star Team as a ‘Stro for the second straight year. Congrats go to Hunter Pence on his selection as an NL All Star. Both Miggy and Pence were selected by their fellow players – cool. The ‘Stros are back in town after going 4 and 3 on the road.

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