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BEElieve it or not, Commentary had the game on yesterday when a swarm of BEEs descended into Petco Park and caused a 52 minute game BEElay. It was a very BEEzarre looking scene. The swarm settled in on the ball girl’s Padres jacket on her chair down the left field line. I guess they thought she was their honey….awwww! The ‘Stros announcer – Brownie and J.D. had a field day with references to the Killer BEEs, the history of BEEs, and everything you wanted to know about BEEs but were afraid to ask, while a call went out for a BEEkeeper. The BEEkeeper showed up and much to the dismay of PETA, zapped the BEEs and the jacket with Killer BEE spray. The jacket and BEEs were shoveled into a plastic garbage bag and hauled off all in a matter of a couple of minutes. I’m betting someone from the Padres front office ordered the ground keeping crew to fish the jacket out of the bag, scrape off the BEEkill, take it to the dry cleaners so they can put it up for sale at their Authentic Gear Kiosk at Petco. They can call it the “BEEsball Jacket.”

On the front page of today’s Chron there is a piece on a tussle of sorts between the local police union and H-Town’s Mayor. Check it out.  The police union wants HPD to get into the immigration enforcement business. No se puede says H—Town’s Mayor. Way to go Mayor! Hang in there Mayor and have a great Fourth of July.

In today’s Star-Telegram, there is a piece about the Texas Rangers allegedly having to get a $15 million dollar loan from MLB to help make payroll – huh! Check it out.  The story was first reported on yahoosports.com. I don’t understand this. Who’s in charge up there anyway?

Oh by the way, the ‘Stros played bery, bery, good BEEsball yesterday as we swarm into AT&T Park today for three this weekend.

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