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I guess State Rep Sylvester Turner wasn’t up for the first major hurdle of the political season – the Houston Area Latino Summit Mayoral Debate on Saturday, July 18, 2009. He would have definitely made the debate and race more interesting. That’s OK though, the Final Four to date are going to shake things up some I predict. FYI: for info on the Houston Area Latino Summit Mayoral Debate you can go to: http://houstonlatinosummit.com/.

I’m thinking that this is the final line-up for H-Town Mayor. The next important date is two weeks from today (Wednesday, July 15) when the candidates report how much they have raised, how much they have spent, where has it been spent, and how much they have in the bank. As of July 1, we still don’t have a clear front runner. Stay tuned!

We will also get an idea on how the other contested H-Town Council races are shaping up in terms of fundraising and spending.

As soon as I get through with my civic duty, I’ll be putting out a take on who’s running so candidates/consultants, please send me your info – thank.

This Michael Jackson stuff is getting a little bit weird. A ton of folks are now getting their fifteen minutes. His dad is being called “Shameless Joe.” Everyone is a spokesperson. About the only thing Commentary can confirm is The King of Pop will not be buried at The Yard.

Last night’s game was a bummer. We should have won. We could have won. The Chron predicted that the ‘Stros would go 15-12 in June and be 41-36 to date. We went 16-11in June and are 36-39 to date – not bad. Last night’s game lasted 34 more minutes than the night before but made it into my three-star Chron this morning. What’s up with that!

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