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The cost of having the Chron delivered is going up – drats! You know something is amiss over at Texas Avenue when the game in San Diego ended at 11:21 pm CDT last night and it didn’t make this morning’s three star edition. It seems like those of us that are old fashioned and still walk out to our driveway every morning to pick up our shrinking daily ought to be given a break for hanging in there. I guess loyalty has its price.

Today is the last day of the first half of the year. That means folks will begin to start talking a whole lot about the 2010 elections. I got news for Dems. Unless a prominent Dem of color steps forward and runs in one of the top spots, I don’t think the base is going to get excited and that will certainly impact down ballot races. Hey just a thought and what do I know anyway!

Commentary is looking forward to the entertainment event of the year – Michael Jackson’s last concert that is now ready to be edited. Of course, all of the interested parties might tie it up in court for a while.

Commentary is headed to jury duty this morning – drats! I’m just doing my duty – drats!

The Rockets are certainly in a pickle this morning as the world wide sports news has Yao Ming out for a year and maybe more with a broken foot that is taking a long time to heal.  No se puede?

The ‘Stros have two players that can’t get away from hitting into the dreaded double plays – Miggy and Numero 45. In fact, Miggy set the National League record as a ‘Stro last year for hitting into the most double plays in a season – 32. Numero 45 and eight others are tied at 10th all time in the NL with 27. Guess who is tied for second in the NL for hitting into the most double plays in a season? Brad Ausmus with 30 in 2002 as a ‘Stro.

In case you didn’t get to watch Saturday night’s game, you missed out on ‘Stro Center Fielder Michael Bourn getting caught in a run down. You need to check it out here. This guy is a terror when he gets on base.

Roy O was Roy O last night which means we won. The problem now for the ‘Stros is we now have six starters which is a pretty good problemo to have if you ask me.

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