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It looks like the Harris County AFL-CIO is covering their bases. They gave the A-OK to Peter Brown, Gene Locke, and Annise Parker in the H-Town Mayoral race. Maybe they are setting a precedent of sorts. Now maybe the Chron’s E-Board can also get into a triple play endorsement. Maybe the Harris County Democrats can do the same. Maybe the local Latino Dems can do likewise. Of course, you can only vote for one on the electronic voting gizmo.

“It just doesn’t make any sense at a time of record deficits and high unemployment … to give amnesty.” This quote was by GOPer Cong. John Culberson of Houston talking about the stalemate on immigration. What an arsehole! When our economy does turn around and our unemployment rate goes down, you actually think this fella is going to soften his stance? Check it out.

The Chron’s Columnist has a piece yesterday on the H-Town Mayor not wanting to take on a race for Lone Star State Guv because he’s figured out what Commentary has thought for years.  Check it out. 

You see our public schools need a whole lot of money and resources which translates into changing our priorities including raising some taxes. The Mayor figures if he’s honest and talks about how to save our schools in a race for Guv, the GOP will beat him unmercifully on the tax issue. I guess I don’t blame The Mayor but still I hate to see our public school system short changed.

Commentary picked up the Sunday paper yesterday and opened it up and a poster fell out with The Big Puma endorsing a product call Venom Energy – Black Mamba. I guess it is some sort of energy drink – yuk. Check it out.  It is a product put out by the folks at Dr. Pepper – Seven Up. It has The Big Puma with reptilian looking demonic eyes. It is definitely out of character of The Big Puma we think we know.

Friday night at The Yard Michael Jackson tunes were played in between innings. They also replayed one of those “what you didn’t know about Miggy” videos that they had shown a few weeks ago. They asked Miggy who he would like to meet someday. Miggy’s response was Michael Jackson.

The ‘Stros said goodbye to Brandon Backe this past weekend and Backe was kind of upset. Last season he gave up 36 dingers. This year he had given up 5 dingers in 13 innings. He had his chance.

It looked like we were on our way to sweep the Tigers yesterday when Joe Green Valley gave up a two out two run dinger in the top of the ninth that stunned us all. Now the team heads west for seven.

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