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The Chron’s Columnist got into the Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez – Ed Johnson mess. That is definitely not a good thing for Leo.  Check it out. 

By refusing to show Ed Johnson the door, Leo will continue to invite folks to bang on him on ethics issues. Now every time the campaign finance reports are due, Dem folks will go over them and when Ed Johnson’ company comes up getting a check – pow – Leo will get the kind of run that he doesn’t need. It is still not too late for Leo to take Commentary’s advice and get rid of his Ed problemo.

43’s bud, Tom Schieffer, says he’s the Dem’s best shot at winning the Guv’s Mansion next year. Check out yesterday’s Chron.  I guess we don’t have a shot at winning then. If this fella ends up heading up the Dem Party by default next year, I don’t see how the base gets excited. Heck, he could end up hurting local Dem candidates. Stay tuned!

Commentary spent the weekend watching Tiger barely miss birdie putt after birdie putt – arrrgh!

The ‘Stros wrapped up their nine game road trip by going five and four and they continue to hang in there. Inter league play continue as the Royals come in for three tomorrow.   We’re off tonight.

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