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Some local H-Town politicos are on the Sly Watch these days. They are waiting to see if Sly will get into the H-Town Mayoral race. Commentary is thinking that Sly will probably wait until July 15 before he lets us all know. That is the day candidates are supposed to report how much money they have in the bank. Sly will want to know what he might be up against. Hey, that is a good strategy. Of course, if he waits until then, I don’t know if he’ll be able to participate in the Houston Area Latino Summit Mayoral Debate on Saturday, July 18.

Some GOPers are saying that The President isn’t being tough enough on Iran for stealing an election. Of course, we have to first figure out how the election was stolen.

Texas Monthly had a reception last night up in Austin for their 10 Best Legislators. When is the reception for their 10 Worst Legislators?

The dreaded questionnaire season is upon us. Fill them out, make copies, turn them in, go to screenings – you get the picture….arrrrhh!

Commentary was watching the ‘Stros post game show last night and one of the announcers said that Cecil Puede wasn’t too happy that his team meeting was reported on  Tag’s Line. The meeting had something to do about Cecil Puede apollyizing to Pudge for not giving him a high five congrats the other night after setting the record. 43 dropped by the ‘Stros clubhouse last night before the game to high five Pudge. It looked like we were going to get swept last night but we got back in it and ended up winning – whew! We now go to Minnesota for three this weekend. I wonder if Al Franken will drop by the ‘Stros clubhouse tonight and high five Pudge since Franken is just sitting around these days.

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