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The Chron’s Ken Hoffman has a piece today about the only rainout in Astrodome history on June 15, 1976. Check it out. 

Commentary remembers that night and not because I was supposed to be at that game. Actually, it was the Tuesday leading up to the weekend’s Lone Star State Democratic Party Convention here in H-Town and I was helping organize the first ever Mexican American Democrats (MAD) Caucus meeting. That rainy evening, some of the MAD leadership including former State Rep. Ben Reyes, former State Senator Joe Bernal, and former H-Town City Controller Leonel Castillo were meeting at the Rice Hotel with the late former State Dem Party Chair Calvin Guest working out a deal that would allow the MAD Caucus to select a Latino and Latina to serve on the Democratic National Committee which eventually led to the system that is now in place that calls for the various Dem Party caucuses to select their DNC folks. It was a MAD idea that Commentary helped think of and implement and I don’t mind taking a little credit. By the way, the ‘Stros were supposed to play the Pirates that evening.

The President showed that he has a quick hand when he swatted that fly the other day on CNBC. He reminded me of “Lee” from “The Magnificent Seven” played by Robert Vaughn. Of course, if 43 would have been confronted by a fly, Little Dick probably would have waterboarded the tiny sucker to find out how it snuck into The White House.

Here’s what Serge had to say about Samsoid, err Sosa getting outed by the NY Times: “Can we get an equal opportunity leak of the 104 (MLBers) that tested positive?  Maybe someone on the list of the non-Latino persuasion?  Is the Minuteman Project in charge of the leaking?” Serge has a point for sure, although I will point out that The Rocket, Jason Giambi, Kevin Brown, Lenny Dykstra, Eric Gagne, Jason Grimsley, Chuck Knoblauch, Andy Pettitte, and Gregg Zaun were among the non-Latinos listed as violators in the Mitchell Report.

Execution from the players and manager was missing in last night’s loss to the Rangers. It also didn’t help out that Numero 45 took it easy running down the first base line on a bobbled grounder. We should have won but we didn’t – drats as I will have my fingers crossed as Brandon Back takes the mound tonight for his first start of the season and I hope he does better than he did against the Galveston PD last fall – yikes!

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