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In case you haven’t noticed, the economy has hit our mail intake pretty good. Junk mail is taking a break for now. One day a couple of weeks ago there was only one piece of mail in the mailbox. It is probably a good thing for political mail as folks maybe will take a look at it before they toss it in the trash can. Before I chunked a mail piece this past Saturday, I noticed it was from the H-Town Solid Waste Department. I looked at it closely and it was a card saying my garbage pick up day was changing from Monday to Thursday effective July 2. I guess they know what they are doing on the garbage pick-up scheduling side but it wasn’t a very good eye catching notice. I would have sent out a bigger piece with blazing red font screaming “YOUR GARBAGE PICK UP DAY IS CHANGING TO THURSDAY!!!” They need to get some better PR folks over at Solid Waste.

Along the same line, my recycling pick up day stays the same – Monday. Commentary would prefer my recycling and garbage pick up day be on the same day. It makes it easier to remember. I need to talk to my new council member about this.

Speaking of, congrats go to Ed Gonzalez and his campaign team for a pretty impressive arse whupping this past Saturday. They ran a good campaign. Give a hand to Maverick Welsh and his team for giving it their best shot. Commentary doesn’t think Maverick’s “tired” mail pieces backfired, they just didn’t work. Now we’re back to two Latinos on the H-Town City Council – James Rodriguez in District I and Ed Gonzalez in District H.

Speaking of, Hector’s preliminary take on the District H vote:  Ed got around 75% of the Latino vote and around 40% of the non Latino vote – interesting.

We went to see “The Hangover” this weekend and I left the theater with a headache caused by laughing throughout the flick. It is the only movie where you stay for the first half of the ending credits but don’t pay attention to them. I still can’t figure out where the chicken came from. It is hilarious so check it out.

The Big Puma got career dinger 300 Saturday night. Miggy got career base hit Numero 2000 Saturday night. Pudge gets to tie the all time games caught tomorrow night in Arlington. By the way, it is fun to watch the ‘Stros play great baseball these days.

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