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Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez needs to say adios to Ed Johnson. He’d be doing himself and his election chances in 2010 a real big favor.  This is what you call a no brainer.  I’m sorry, but Johnson can’t be in a position of helping to determine the official voter rolls in Harris County and at the same time doing business with and making money off of GOP candidates. It just looks bad. Johnson could very well be Vasquez’ Achilles Heel in 2010. In 2008, lack of ethics at the Harris County Courthouse was a contributing factor to Dems winning countywide. Leo Vasquez would help himself and his local GOP by showing Johnson the door and taking this weapon away from Dems. If he doesn’t, Dems will dog him on this for the next 15 months. That is not a good thing for a fella (Vasquez) that has never run before.

Local State Reps. Carol Alvarado, Ellen Cohen and Debbie Riddle will be on the local PBS’ "Red White & Blue” with my pals Gary Polland and David Jones tonight at 8:30 pm and Sunday at 5:30 pm to discuss what the Texas Legislature did to us – check it out.

Here’s what the ‘Stros front office put out yesterday: “Houston Astros Chairman and CEO Drayton McLane introduced the ballclub’s new and unique summer ticket promotion called ‘Kids Free All Summer’ this afternoon at Minute Maid Park. For all Astros home games from June 23rd to August 23rd, fans will receive two free tickets for kids 14-and-under with the purchase of each full price adult ticket at one of the following three levels: Mezzanine ($20), View Deck 1 ($15) or View Deck 2 ($12). The "Kids Free All Summer" promotion is in partnership with Minute Maid. “

"‘The Houston Astros are proud to partner with Minute Maid to bring our fans this exciting new ticket offer,’ McLane stated. ‘With the current economic climate, we felt it was important to create an opportunity for more families to bring their kids to Astros games this summer.’ “

Way to go!

Before each game at The Yard, they tell fans – particularly those on the front rows, not reach over and snag a fair ball that may scoot down line. Commentary has seen some folks reach over and interfere then get escorted out of The Yard. It happened to a fella right next to me Tuesday night. I happen to be stuck in the St. Arnold line at the time so I wasn’t able to tell the fella to back off. At The Yard yesterday, in the bottom of the 13th with the score tied and two out, Pence was on second and The Big Puma was on first. Geoff Blum hit a shot down the right field line that was called fair but streaked right at me. Pence was on his way to score the winning run. There is no way the Cubbie right fielder was going to come over and pick up the ball and throw out Pence. I could have easily snagged it with my lid and took home the game winner but technically it would have been fan interference so at the last second I let it go – drats.

After Michael Bourn’s catch lying on his back on Tal’s Hill, it is now called Bourn’s Hill as the ‘Stros hit the road for nine over the next ten days.

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