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Now “The Roundtable” got into the Maverick Welsh “tired” mailer debate. FYI: “The Roundtable” are a bunch of folks – including Commentary sometimes – that think they know stuff and gather every Wednesday evening to talk about the stuff they think they know. Here’s what “The Roundtable” sent out yesterday:

“Maverick Walsh will strengthen public safety, supporting our police and firefighters and getting them out of their plush downtown offices and onto the streets.  Maverick believes in safe streets and clean water for our children.

“Ed Gonzalez talks about public safety, but where was he the night Gallery Furniture burned down?  Ed Gonzalez quit his job as a police officer to become a politician, then Yao Ming was injured and the Rockets lost the playoffs.  He says he supports working families, but it’s getting really hot outside and our air conditioning bills are getting higher and higher.  Ed Gonzales says he supports the gay community, but Adam Lambert lost on “American Idol.”  While Ed Gonzales was a Houston police officer, the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon re-entry, killing all seven crew members.  If he can’t protect our astronauts, how can we trust him to protect our children?

“We’re tired of empty promises and lies.  Bring torches and pitchforks to our rally tonight (actually last night) at 8:00 on The Courtyard at xxxxx (you have to know the secret “Roundtable” code to get the location – sorry).”

Understandably, the Maverick Welsh campaign folks are a bit touchy these days about their mail program getting so much run. They are making sure everyone gets the link to Tuesday evening’s Channel 13 news story about the race that includes the voter in Precinct 107 with dirty water down by the River Charles.

Speaking of, over 200 folks showed up at CM James Rodriguez’ Campaign Kick-Off Reception last night (Wed, June 10) at Cielo Mexican Bistro including H-Town city council candidates Stephen Costello, Karen Derr, Lane Lewis and mayoral candidate Gene Locke.  District H Special candidate Ed Gonzalez also made an appearance.  One Of My Best Friends – who by the way was looking great after her first legislative session – handled the emcee duties.

The Chron’s Ken Hoffman has a piece today about The Yard’s grub policy.  Check it out.  I agree.

Commentary missed last night’s win over the Cubbies – drats! I’ll sneak away from the office this afternoon to check out the homestand finale. According to my ‘Stros notes, if The Big Puma swats a dinger today, he’ll become the seventh switch hitter in MLB history to reach 300 career dingers. The Mick has 536, Eddie Murray 504, Cheeper 416, Chili Davis 350, Reggie Smith 314, and Ruben Sierra 306 – cool.

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