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First it was Chron.com. Then it was Commentary. Now it’s the Chron Columnist’s turn to provide a take on H-Town City Council District H Special candidate Maverick Welsh’s “tired” mail pieces.  Check it out. 

The Chron’s headline on the column refers to the mail as “bizarro.” The Columnist describes Maverick’s explanation on the mail as “lamely.” Generally speaking, when your mail gets written up in the Chron, it is probably not a good thing. Heck, one of Commentary’s campaign pieces made the front page about ten years ago and I got my arse kicked badly even though what we wrote ended up coming true years later. It was the so called infamous “vendido” piece that I occasionally put on ebay to make a few bucks. Back to Maverick – I’m guessing that in the end, his mail strategy will backfire. We will find out this Saturday evening.

Speaking of, CM James Rodriguez’ Campaign Kick-Off Reception is this evening (Wed, June 10) at Cielo Mexican Bistro, 300 Main – Downtown at 5:30 pm. It looks like we are going to have a great crowd so get there early!

Isiah Carey reports that H-Town Mayoral candidate Annise Parker will tell the Police Chief to hit the road if she gets elected – interesting.  I wonder how this will play?

About the only good thing that happened at The Yard last night was the picking of the ‘Stros shortstop of the future. I’m talking about the MLB draft and ‘Stros first round pick Jiovanni Mier, an 18 year old from Califas. The Big Puma got career dinger 299 last night but we still got our arses run. It’s Z versus Wandy tonight!

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