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“I’m tired of having a lousy school.”

“I’m tired of feeling scared walking home from school.”

“I’m tired of politicians who don’t listen.”

“I’m tired of the same old politics as usual.”

The above are the titles from mailers from the Maverick Welsh Campaign for H-Town City Council, District H Special.

In the mail pieces, Welsh says his opponent Ed Gonzalez “is part of the same, tired system that is all talk and no action” is “politics as usual” and “he’s too busy making back room deals.” I don’t know about that.  What back rooms were used to make deals?

The mail piece that got Commentary’s attention was the one titled “I’m tried of not having clean water to drink.” I wonder if the water usage needle in District H went down after folks read the mail piece. I wonder if the H-Town Mayor and the five at-large CMs that represent District H know that our water isn’t safe. I wonder if the eateries in District H that serve tap water in their establishments know that they are serving dirty water to folks like Commentary that go to places like Shade, The T, King Biscuit, Spanish Flower, Merida, Rico’s, Collina’s – you get the picture. Commentary thinks that the Welsh Campaign went way overboard on the not so clean water mail piece….tsk, tsk, tsk.

In today’s Chron you can find stories on the District H candidates.  Check them out: Gonzalez runs methodical race for CouncilWelsh hopes district breaks with tradition.

Speaking of, CM James Rodriguez’ Campaign Kick-Off Reception is tomorrow evening (Wed, June 10) at Cielo Mexican Bistro, 300 Main – Downtown at 5:30 pm – be there!

In today’s Chron Sports Section, there is a silly story about not being able to bring your own grub to The Yard. Oh brother! That’s the last thing on the minds of ‘Stros fans. There are a number of places you can grub out at before the game just outside of The Yard.  Check out the piece. 

When Commentary goes to The Yard, all I want is more runs on the scoreboard than the other team and no lines at the St. Arnold kiosk.

There will be a lot of activity at The Yard today as the MLB Draft gets going and the Cubbies come in for three. 

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