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The past few days, Commentary has gotten a few calls about local political folks talking up the possibility of State Rep Sylvester Turner throwing his hat into the H-Town mayoral race – interesting. If he does get into the race, then we would have two major African American candidates running – interesting. It is no secret that Sly was looking at running in CD 18 if Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee had moved over to help run the State Department with Hillary but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. With Craddick out as Texas State House Speaker, Sly has lost a little bit of influence up in Austin, so like any normal elected official, he’s probably mulling over his options and maybe the third time running for H-Town Mayor can be a charm. As far as campaigners go, they don’t get better than Sly and his oratorical skills. Is it too late as this point in the campaign to get into the race? I don’t think so. FYI: Commentary was on Sly’s team in his 2003 race for mayor.

Sly will probably have to let folks know pretty soon if he is going to run. If he does get into the race then the political math is altered somewhat. Some Latino and Latina players would then start having serious conversations about getting a serious Latino or Latina into the race. CM James Rodriguez and The Lovely Wendy would certainly be getting a lot of calls about moving things up a bit – very interesting. Stay tuned!

Score it as an E-132. I’m talking about the foul shot that zinged under Commentary’s lid last night in Section 132 in the third inning. Of course nobody else would have had a shot at getting it, but Commentary is supposed to snag those so score it as an error. Right after that, the wheels came off as Wandy ended up letting the Rockies get four dingers so we didn’t get the sweep. The Pirates minus their All-Star center fielder Nate McLouth are now in for three this weekend.

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