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Just like Sergeant Schultz said – “I know nothing!” I’m talking about the press release CEWDEM sent out about a fella named Sean Roberts of the self described “Obama Generation” deciding to get into the CD 18 race. Commentary mentioned CD 18 politics back in February and all heck broke loose. I don’t think I know Sean Roberts. I don’t know his press person – Saki Indakwa – either. Maybe if they were dressed in Brick Red ‘Stros gear I might recognize them from The Yard. We will see what kind of traction this Obama Generation Democrat gets against longtime incumbent Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee. I wonder if he can be called an O-Gen Dem.

The Austin American Statesman has a piece today on 2010 political posturing. Check it out. 

"I just don’t think it’s appropriate. I certainly don’t endorse it. I think it’s wrong." This is what the Lone Star State’s Junior Senator had to say about Rush Limbaugh’s attacks on Judge Sotomayor. It looks like the GOP U.S. Senators are distancing themselves from the U.S. of A’s least popular GOPer – Rush.

Next time Commentary runs into H-Town mayoral candidate CM Peter Brown, I am going to suggest that he might try putting in an application for HISD Superintendent and ditch his campaign for mayor. According to today’s Chron.com, CM Brown says he will soon lay out a plan to “restructure our schools” – huh!  Check out the piece. 

Commentary now has no choice but to keep an eye on CM Brown. Heck, he might just lay out a plan to restructure the ‘Stros.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the ‘Stros have them a new kid playing named Edwin Maysonet. He’s been doing a great job at second base.

Also, on the ‘Stros website, Alyson Footer has left MLB.com and is now with the club. You can catch her Alyson’s Footnotes on the website. Brian McTaggart has left the Chron and is now with MLB.com and you can now catch him on the ‘Stros website on Tag’s Line – cool. Check them out.

From my ‘Stros Notes that are sent to me daily – the ‘Stros are one of only two NL teams that have three starters batting .300 plus – Miggy (.358), Pence (.346), and Numero 45 (.316). Oh, the other NL team has the worst record in the bigs – the Nationals.

Speaking of, Kathryn and Commentary sat with my good friend Drayton last night as the ‘Stros put it on the Rockies. Before the game, Commentary grubbed out on braised ribs, fennel, mashed potatoes, and a nice cabernet – you know, the usual ballpark grub. Commentary advised Drayton to stay the course as we’ve now won five of our last six and play one more with Colorado this evening.

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