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I don’t think H-Town City Council Members liked seeing the blurb in the Chron today about their offices getting increases in expenses in next year’s budget.  Check it out.  I’m thinking they will tighten and lighten up for sure.

Commentary got an invite yesterday called “Ladies for Locke.” It had a number of prominent women from H-Town supporting mayoral candidate Gene Locke. I guess we ought to be seeing an invitation any day now called “Dudes for Parker” – a bunch of fellas from H-Town lined up for mayoral candidate Annise Parker.

Yesterday, The President designated June as Gay Pride Month.

Yesterday, The President also signed the Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission Act.

I wonder how you say “Hummer” in Chinese.

I think the front office is glad they read Commentary last week and stayed the course as we’ve now won four of the last five. The Chron says today that Miggy is “TE-HOT-A” – cool. He’s still on his “Apollyizing Tour” and hitting a league leading .362 following last night’s 11th inning walk off dinger. Commentary and my buddy Kathryn will be sitting with my good friend Drayton this evening. Hey, it’s a good deal! We get free Daimond Club grub and he gets a preview of tomorrow’s Commentary takes on the ‘Stros. Check out our mugs on HDTV this evening .

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