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Now that the legislative session is over, the political folks will now be talking about and making the next moves.

When does Hutch resign to run? Does she resign to run?

Who else joins the U.S. Senate race?

Does a Latina or Latino get in the race for Guv in the Dem Primary?

When Guv Dude does call a special session, does he throw in a bunch of stuff that excites his right wing base? Stay tuned!

Judge Sotomayor begins to visit U.S. Senators this morning. Commentary thinks the one senator to watch is Hutch. If she votes against Judge Sotomayor, it hurts her in a general election if she ends up knocking off Dude. If she votes for Sotomayor, Dude and the right wingers will use this against her in the GOP Primary. Also stay tuned!

Commentary got home from The Yard last night and watched Conan – yawn.

The Chron has two pieces today in the Sports Section about attendance at The Yard this season. It is down 13% from last season. Hey, I look at it this way – there aren’t long lines in the bathroom. Commentary snagged Foul Ball Numero Cinco last night and this one I kept. It was a pretty good shot that kind of caught me by surprise. It was good to see Roy O pitch like Roy O last night as we slowly begin to creep back – hopefully!

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