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“No mayor of Houston, current or future, should meddle in school district affairs. The business of running school districts must be left to those elected by the public for that specific purpose, and to the superintendent that those elected trustees chose.” That’s what my pal Mike Sullivan, H-Town City Council Member, District E, said in yesterday’s Chron Op-Ed. CM Mike also served on the Humble ISD School Board.  Check it out.

bring this up because in Saturday’s mail, I got a piece from the Maverick Welsh for H-Town City Council, District H Special Election Campaign that had a picture of a not too happy student with the phrase – “I’m tired of having a lousy school.” The mailer also says “Welsh will make sure our kids have every opportunity to succeed.” Maverick is a former teacher so I guess he’s trotting out his education cred to get votes from folks who want our council members to help run our schools. Of course, Commentary – who votes in District H – would like to know which “lousy school” Welsh is talking about so I can get One Smart Mommy to go get it fixed.

Welsh used to be mayoral candidate Peter Brown’s council chief of staff. CM Brown is also making improving public education a part of his mayoral campaign.

Commentary prefers to not have H-Town city council candidates going around banging on our schools for political purposes. A few days ago when the H-Town Mayor laid out next year’s city budget, he admitted that all big cities in the U.S. of A. have unmet needs including H-Town. I prefer our council members try to figure out how to meet all of our needs here in municipal government. Until then, leave the running of our schools to the folks that we elected to run our schools.

Speaking of, my good friend Hector did a review of the voters in the District H Special and found that 40% had Spanish language surnames – interesting.

The ‘Stros record for the month of May was 11-15. The Chron predicted we would go 15–13. The Chron predicted we would be 26-24 by now. We’re 20-28 and the Rockies are in for four as we get ready to play 10 at home over the next 11 days. 

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