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Now it is Speaker Pelosi’s turn to be in the hot seat. The GOP, desperate for a victory or trophy of sorts, has set its sights on Speaker Pelosi and what she knew or didn’t know about water boarding. In reading the various articles about Speaker Pelosi going mano a mano with the CIA while at the same time her GOP counterparts are throwing gasoline on the fire, you don’t see any lefties coming to her defense. I guess lefties aren’t too comfortable weighing on her behalf on an issue like water boarding because what happens if on down the line other stuff comes out that sheds doubt on the Speaker’s claims. Lefties don’t want to have egg on their face on an issue as volatile as water boarding. It looks like she is kind of on her own for now.

The President has his hands full these days dealing with banks, credit card companies, the automobile industry, health care, The Fighting Irish, Somali pirates, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq. In order for this to go away and prevent Speaker Pelosi from dangling in the wind, The President is going to have to step in, reign in his CIA, wave his presidential scepter, and kind of make it all disappear. If he doesn’t, Speaker Pelosi will lose credibility and become another casualty of politics. Commentary doesn’t have a problem with adding Speaker Pelosi to the bailout list.

In talking to my buddy Hector yesterday, getting more early voting locations around here is easier said than done. You have state laws to deal with, the County Commissioners, and then you have to find folks that will rent you a facility. I think we need to put together a bi-partisan group of folks here in Harris County to sit down and come up with a plan to figure out how we add more locations.

Commentary will be on “Red, White, and Blue” this evening at 8:30 pm along with my special guests David Jones, Gary Polland, and Leo Vasquez – check it out as we discuss whether or not Christian Bale was the right choice for the next “Terminator” movie. “Red, White, and Blue” will also be shown this Sunday afternoon at 5 pm.

I wonder who has better odds in Vegas today – Speaker Pelosi hanging on to her gig or the Rockets winning Game 7 this Sunday.

Yesterday’s ‘Stros game was Wandyful. If Wandy keeps it up, he could be representing us in San Luis for the All Star Game on July 14. All Star possibilities also include Michael Bourn who is hitting .317, Numero 45 at .328, Hunter Pence at .333, and Miggy at .314 as we head into Wrigley for three beginning this afternoon so move over CNN.

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The Chron is losing one of the best in the business – Alan Bernstein. I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with my old pal Alan on countless political stories for many, many years. Nobody has written more about H-Town area politics than Alan over the past two decades and for this we owe him one big thank you. He has been our chief story teller. His experience, knowledge, and professionalism will certainly be missed in the Chron’s coverage of politics in the future. I will always appreciate the objective, fair and thoughtful reporting by Alan. Anytime he has called me I always put down what I was doing to lend him a hand. Anytime I called him to ask for info, he was accommodating. His agenda was always to put out a good story and he never took sides which is the way it should be. Way to go Senor Bernstein!

It will be interesting to see who the Chron trots out to be the next political writer. They don’t have a lot of experience over there on Texas Avenue these days. I just hope the next political writer is old enough to register to vote.

Off The Kuff had a mention recently about the Heights not having an Early Voting location in the H-Town City Council District H Special Election. Since a whole lot of folks are voting early in all elections, isn’t it time for the folks that run elections in Harris County and H-Town to expand the number of early voting locations. It makes sense to me.

The Chron E-Board jumped on the bandwagon today and said that HPD doesn’t need to be asking folks about their citizenship status.  Check it out.

Gus Wortham Golf Course will be the place to be on Friday, May 29 for the East End Golf Classic hosted by CM James Rodriguez. The funds raised will go toward fixing up Wortham Golf Course that was on the real estate market – allegedly – a couple of years ago. Some fools at City Hall wanted to convert this East End jewel into soccer fields. A lot of political and business heavyweights have signed on as sponsors. For more info, you can go to www.houstonparksboard.org.

It was definitely fun to watch the ‘Stros get 24 hits last night. All 9 starters including pitcher Mike Hampton had at least two hits. The Big Puma went four for four. This afternoon CNN takes a hike as the ‘Stros try to take the series finale in Colorado.

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Former Lone Star State Dem Ag Commish Jim Hightower is on The Kinkhole’s leadership team. That’s too bad. I don’t know what my old buddy “Whole Hog” is drinking but it certainly ain’t St. Arnold. Maybe I’m out of touch, but I always thought Jim was a relevant voice in Dem Party politics. Maybe this is a Jim Hightower joke of sorts and he’s going to drop a punch line on us pretty soon and ‘splain to us that he was only kidding. Maybe it isn’t a joke and he just wants to be called “Kink-Whole Hog Jim.” Jim’s a pretty good writer but there isn’t anything he could string together that could convince me that having The Kinkhole lead the ticket in 2010 is good for the future of the Dem Party.

Whew! The Donald came down from the heavens yesterday live on three cable networks and decreed that we will have a Miss California USA after all. Commentary checked out the TMZ.com photos of her from last year and checked out her current photos – she had some serious touching up for sure. Commentary is sure glad that The Donald is our moral compass. Why don’t we just have a law passed that allows The Donald to go on TV whenever he wants and decree all moral issues like casino gambling in the Lone Star State, the legalization of marijuana, and doing away with the DH in the American League.

Congrats go to One Of My Best Friends, Carol Alvarado, for being named the Texas Municipal League’s Legislator of the Month (April).

From my Game Day ‘Stros Notes: Pudge has career 299 dingers, The Big Puma has 295, Numero 45 has 287. It is likely that all could reach 300 this season wearing the Brick Red – cool.

We didn’t do so hot last – heck – we got our arses routed. Let’s see if we can get back on track tonight at Coors Field.

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In the H-Town City Council District H Special Election, 1,251 voted early in person. Maverick Welsh received 17.03 % (213 votes) of the early vote in person. On Election Day, 2,260 turned out to vote at their designated voting location and Welsh received 36.5 % (825 votes) of the vote. Why the wide discrepancy? Channel 13’s Miya Shay said yesterday on her politicalblog.abc13.com that the discrepancy can be attributed to the Welsh campaign being on the “upswing”.  Check it out.  I don’t think so.  Commentary thinks it is more of a geographic thing. Welsh had a whole lot of support from the Heights and they showed up on Election Day instead of voting early. There were three Early Voting locations: Moody Park (in the North Side), Ripley House (in Second Ward), and the Harris County Administration Building (Downtown). Moody Park and Ripley House are in predominant Latino neighborhoods. The three locations are normally used for early voting.

Unless you work near the County Administration Building, nobody goes to vote Downtown because they have to hassle with parking and feed the meters. Moody Park and Ripley House are on the other (east) side of I-45, and voters from the Heights in a regular election prefer to go to the West Gray location near Montrose to cast their vote. Commentary is a Heights voter and I prefer the Moody Park location because I think it is closer and there are never any lines. The West Gray location usually has lines to deal with.

In the case of the Special Election, there wasn’t a West Gray location option so a lot of folks opted to wait until Election Day rather than cross the Mexican-Dixon line, errr I-45 to cast an early vote. I’m sure I’ll catch from grief for laying it out as such, but let’s be honest. I don’t think there is another explanation. It is interesting in that we are all part of the same City Council District, yet there is still a lot of unfamiliarity by some folks with the other side of I-45.

Local Latino/Latina activists certainly weighed in on yesterday’s Chron article on having HPD ask one’s immigration status. Unless the H-Town Mayor and City Council feel like pi__ing off the Latino/Latina community, they better deep six the police union’s proposal. You can go to the Houston Area Latino Summit website to see the responses of local Latinos and Latinas under HOT TOPIC. Check it out.  This is certainly one issue that unites Latinos/Latinas. Si se puede!

Mickey Carroll died last week. Who is Mickey Carroll you ask? He played one of the “Munchkins” in “The Wizard of Oz” – Commentary’s third best all time flick. Commentary has a Mickey Carroll autographed photo from “the Wizard of Oz” that also includes Judy Garland and the gang from “Munchkin Land”.

Humberto Quintero returns to the ‘Stros tonight and let’s see how we do in Colorado for three.

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In today’s Chron there is a story about the H-Town police union wanting to ask your, errr my immigration status when they pull you, errr us over.  Check it out.  This is a very bad idea. Heck, some Latino with a good tan could be coming home from a Cinco De Mayo celebration and he could be pulled over because he’s dressed in Cinco De Mayo gear. Personally, Commentary likes Gary Blankinship, the head of the police union, but he is way out of the mainstream on this one. If we have learned one thing in the past few years is that Latino voters react at the polls when anti immigrant proposal like these are promoted. If the police union keeps this up, look for a surge in local Latino voter turnout in the upcoming city elections. This issue is definitely a good one to pass on to the Houston Area Latino Summit (HALS) participants. It is probably a good idea for HALS to get council members and candidates on record on this issue. Stay tuned.

Commentary’s client Yolanda Navarro Flores didn’t make the H-Town City Council District H Special Election run-off and I’m not in the mood to say anything else about this. I will later though. Congrats to Ed and Maverick for moving on.

Death, taxes, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Yao getting hurt are things you can always count on every year.

Commentary and Dante spent the day after the Special Election at The Yard yesterday and watched the ‘Stros complete a sweep of the Padres. Dante is Commentary’s best baseball Yard buddy these days. We talk baseball and a little bit about movies. He told me he just made the All Stars. He’s also a switch hitter – not bad. The team takes the day off then will be in Colorado tomorrow evening.

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Somebody called “Eye on City Hall” sent out a take yesterday on the H-Town City Council District H Special Election and the upcoming Mayoral race. The problem is “Eye” doesn’t let us know who she/he is? They are chicken – cluck, cluck, cluck. If you are going to put out an opinion, have the guts and courage to put your name out there and don’t do it anonymously. If you put your name where your mouth is, then we all get to see if you have an agenda, a conflict – you get the picture. I’m discounting everything “Eye” says until “Eye” eye-dentifies himself/herself.

Of all the takes that have been put out on District H, nobody has really offered an opinion on what to expect – interesting. One thing is for certain about tomorrow, the polls will be open from 7 to 7 and some voters will be a little perturbed when they find out polling locations have been combined. Vote for Yolanda Navarro Flores and stay tuned!

H-Town Mayoral candidate and City Controller didn’t take Bill King’s piece on city finances sitting down. Here is a part of what Annise wrote to the Chron: “Bill King’s attack on Mayor Bill White’s budget is all wet. If King had the foresight on a sunny day to buy an umbrella, would he leave it sitting in his closet when it rains? Thank goodness our current city leaders had the foresight to build up a surplus when times were good.” Take that!

Commentary is going to nominate The Dean to be the official spokesperson of the Lone Star State. Every time we need to fix the perception the rest of the U.S. of A. have about us, we can just stick The Dean in front of a TV camera and let it roll. CNN has been running stories about the law enforcement officials in the East Texas burg of Tenaha ripping off folks of color. It is some sort of red neck rip off scheme with a badge attached. The Dean was on live CNN yesterday afternoon explaining how we are going to hold some folks accountable. As usual, The Dean did a good job and didn’t make us look like a bunch of dumbarse secessionists. Way to go Dean!

ManRoid won’t appeal his 50 game suspension and apollyized to Dodger Blue fans. He also pointed out that in the past few years he had passed 15 drugs tests. I think it was more like he got away 15 times. Supposedly he tested positive for something called HCG which among other things is used to “treat delayed puberty in boys” – makes sense to me. Those two Red Sox World Serious Championships don’t look too pristine to me.

Here is what The Big Pujma said:  "It wouldn’t surprise me if he was on steroids, it’s sad to say, but that’s the way I feel about it.  I think that anybody that makes the game look clownish is under suspicion because it’s just not that easy. It’s unfortunate that here we go again with another round of steroid questions.”

We’re not a good team right now. Cecil Puede is making too many excuses. The Big Puma is hanging around the interstate highway. A few players are dinged up. The Hampton/Ortiz experiment is not producing much. Let’s see what we can muster up against the Padres this weekend.

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Commentary snagged this from Woodland Heights resident Cathy Courtney who is a voter in District H. Of course everyone should know by now that Yolanda Navarro Flores is a Commentary client:

“Subject: Important Message From MPH, Cathy Courtney

“Remember to vote in Election this week to replace City Council Rep Adrian Garcia.

“You may share my opinion with your friends in our district & encourage folks to VOTE in this tight, small numbers race.

“As you know, I’m a long time health worker, Christian, educator & frequently involved in electoral & issue campaigns. Since 8/86, I’ve been a voter registrar, precinct delegate, convention secretary, poll worker, & Pct Judge, and active in our community. Some neighbors have asked for my perspective on this election. My research completed on (CoH) Council candidates, I provide you some personal, independent, albeit values laden opinions:). Let me know what you think…

Fortunately we have many qualified candidates to choose from so it’s been a tougher decision….

“1. Yolanda Navarro-Flores is the only candidate previously elected to public office. A former radio & TV broadcaster, she’s a good presenter & as a lawyer, used to dealing with mediation & complicated laws. I worked on her District148 campaign; she won as our House Representative & honed her legislative skills during the 93-95 term. Yolanda’s a smart Hispanic woman, progressive Catholic, Mom, Grandmother, with generations of family in the district. (Lindale resident). The only woman running, Yolanda’s a Cancer survivor who’s a fighter and knows the med care issues of women & children & the health insurance system mess. For the past 7 yrs, her elected service and work (unpaid) on HCC Board of Trustees has benefited even our district (e.g. the NE HCC campus is credited to her persuasive persistence & accounting abilities); helped REDUCE property taxes for the 1st time in HCC history. Better able to interpret Chapter 42 of the Code of Ordinances (all that street paving, concrete & bungalow vs developers stuff) than other candidates. Marc Campos (campaign mngr) and later Yolanda answered all my questions. She knows the ins & outs of budgeting & insurance options.  http://yolanda4citycouncil.com/about/about.htm  Volunteering w/Health Care For All Texas (www.hcfat.org)

local, state & national coalitions, we’re educating at group meetings & individuals to win public org endorsements & constituent support for "Single Payer" health plan. We’re gathering DATA to document how HR676 will significantly lower the cost of health expenditures for the City of Houston (CoH). Council will be asked to make a RESOLUTION supporting HR676, recommending a YES vote to our Congress reps & Yolanda has commited to support the resolution. 

Yolanda is the BEST CHOICE to hit the ground running representing our district, no learning curve and I believe her skills will best help our district at this time.

“2. Maverick Welsh has been a smart, caring 18+ yrs teacher at Reagan up til 07, then working for Peter Brown & rose to Chief of Staff, until January09 when he resigned to run for this office. Maverick’s served in Proctor Plaza neighborhood work projects, Norhill historic district & is good advocate for saving our bungalows (SOB endorsement); http://www.shadyacres.org/index.php?page=74;wap2 No children or other job responsibilities he’d be a hard worker probly full-time. He’s a decent writer (altho somebody on his campaign team missed spelling & grammar errors in his campaign mailouts).  The GLBT door-to-door volunteer was keen & knowledgeable about his candidate. Campaign mngr, John Gorczynski is Judge, JP, Dale’s son. JohnG knew all Maverick’s positions on the issues. Maverick advocates for comprehensive health reform, supports a single payer financing plan and would endorse a Council resolution recommending support of HR 676 to our Congress reps. Karen Derr (real estate diva but 1st time in politics, who forgot to file on time for Council race), will run AT-large next time, so many of her supporters have switched to Maverick and want to see him finish out ex-Council rep Adrian Garcia’s term. 2nd choice if run-off election. http://maverickwelsh.com/

“3.  I have NOT seen Ed Gonzalez at meetings, demonstrations, Dem fundraisers, parties or neighborhood events in over 20 yrs. He may be a good HPD officer (& friends with Adrian Garcia) but crime issues seem the extent of his politics. He’s lived outside the District until a few years ago. It concerns me that Ed voted in Republican primaries well into the Bush years. [My friend in 1st ward said he did participate in business & community mtgs.] It bothers me that his top supporters are developers, insurance companies, big $ contributors & "traditional" politicos. He or staff have NOT responded to my questions at office or phone. I worry about his personal behaviors & political loyalties, and hidden values conflicting with our district. http://www.edforh.com/

“4. Gonzalo Camancho is an engineer, expert/gung ho transportation & traffic issues, has published articles.  Gonzalo is smart but I don’t respect him that as a Bolivian native, getting educated & living in the US for 30 years, he didn’t become a citizen until 2002 & then in 03 jumped into a CityCouncil face & obviously has a big time infrastructure agenda, like pushing a I-45 tunnel/parkway, which of course his company could assist building… http://votecamachotunnel.com/ Too one issue a candidate for me.

“5. Lupe Garcia came from a poor family, great American success story growing up in our District, family roots, HPD stint & Border Patrol stint to small business owner (auto repairs). However his lack of political experience is problematic to me and his big issues are property issues and reducing taxes, he doesn’t know enough about the huge City system, public funding etc. http://www.garciaforcitycouncil.com/

“ 6. Rick Rodriquez, a baseball player turned HPD officer since 1986, seems too one issue focused on CRIME. He at least lives in Lindale & his kids go to Travis Elem, but he’s reeaalll new to politics… & no public service experience, $$, etc Needs to pay his dues in the community & political arena a little more. another race, another time… http://rickrodriguez09.org/bio

“7. Hugo Mojica has been a staff for US rep Gene Green, Council members Gabriel Vasquez & Michael Berry. He works for Brilliant Lectures, a nonprofit org, active in some community org & St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church. It sounds like to me that he’ll continue to make a better STAFFER than leadership for our council www.hugomojica.com/0/1358466/0/34487/

“8. Larry Williams Independence Hts resident, was a teacher & later founded of the New Covenant Baptist Church where he has served as Pastor for 13+ years.  Larry’s was a candidate for Council in 05 & got 22% of the vote compared to Adrian Garcia.  I like it that Larry serves as Pct judge, is a community activist (like me) but not everybody’s who an activist can overcome the learning curve. The grind of council biz is probably not really his thing. http://williams4citycouncil.com/meet_larry.htm

“ 9. I don’t feel like writing about James Partsch-Galvan, the Ron Paul, libertarian perennial candidate. too weird for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1dAkeT7o10&feature=related; or http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-FuIZgeI8er9o1ao_e5ywbDB43A–?cq=1

“According to Charles Kuffner (offthekuff.com blogger/writer)… There was a lot of agreement at the Shady Acres neighborhood forum…partly because the candidates are not too far apart in outlook and ideology. The broad range of backgrounds and experiences among the candidates include cops, lawyers, teachers, civil engineers, and business owners – and it’s clear they have different priorities and approaches. …There wasn’t that much dissonance among them. I assume that will change for the runoff, at least to some extent, but for now things were very civil and pleasant."…

“Reports from the Shady Acres forum with these candidates can be viewed here

http://www.shadyacres.org/index.php?page=75  http://www.shadyacres.org/index.php?page=68

“Too few folks have early voted (n=830). Voting on Saturday 5/9 is deadline. Our Council rep can get things fixed for us and make a difference in the quality of life in our community. I urge you to further assess these District H candidates and GET OUT TO VOTE.


Cathy C. Courtney, MPH

Woodland Heights”

Thank you Cathy.

Speaking of District H, Commentary has to give the Lupe Garcia his due for a photo of him in a small publication holding up a cardboard sign that says “will work for the city.” I wonder if he was on a street corner.

Speaking of, my good friend Bill King who has done a lot of research and reading on the finances of the City of H-Town has the following piece in today’s Chron. Check it out.

The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will be holding a discussion this evening on city council redistricting at 5:30 pm, 1801 Main on the Penthouse Floor. My good buddy Edgar will be moderating tonight’s event so check it out.

Commentary snagged foul ball number 4 last night. I actually thought this one would end up in the display case but Michelle from Rolle Alloys, an oil drilling services company, was sitting next to me and asked me for it – drats. She’s in town for the OTC Convention and it was her first time to The Yard. We got run last night after falling behind 4 zip in the first so let’s see if we can at least get a split with the Cubbies this evening.

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Commentary dropped by Casa De Azules last night for the CM James Rodriguez Cinco De Mayo Reception and ran into The Lovely Wendy who is looking a lot lovelier these days, Serge and Tiffany, Mel, Gracie, the newlyweds Andy and Rebecca, Soto, Medrano, Hector and Liz, and my very good friend Janiece Longoria. Janiece holds two of the most coveted appointments in the Lone Star State. She is a UT Regent and a Port Commissioner. She is a mover and shaker in these parts for sure. She’s also a high powered local attorney who definitely doesn’t need touching up.

The Harris County Commissioners Court decided not to give the new Dem Sheriff his stimulus request for machine guns for patrol boats. Instead, they amended his request and put in computers. I’m betting if his dumbarse GOP predecessor had put in for stuff like water boarding gear, bazookas, silencers, derringers, and stinger missiles, there would not have been a problem.

UH’s Dr. Murray who knows more about politics than just about all of us combined put out his official take on the H-Town City Council District H Special Election. Dr. Murray didn’t predict a winner though. Early Voting ended yesterday and there were 118 Downtown voters, 984 at Moody Park, and 158 at Ripley. I would provide some comments on Dr. Murray’s takes but that might require letting folks know the game plan for my client Yolanda Navarro Flores. Stay tuned.

One of the best political reporters of all time is no longer with us. My old pal Jane Ely left us way too soon. We worked a lot of campaigns together. I learned a lot in my dealings with Jane. She was an influence in how I play the game with the media folks. BSing the media is a Commentary no-no in part because of Jane.

As part of their 10th Season at Minute Maid Park Celebration, the ‘Stros are having a contest on your best Minute Maid Moment. The 16 nominees are: 2008 B-G-O’s 3000th Hit, 2005 Wild Card Clincher, 2005 Berkman NLDS Grand Salami, 2008 B-G-O Jersey Retirement, 2007 B-G-O Last Game, 2004 Wild Card Clincher, 2005 Kent NLCS Dinger, 2004 All Star Game, 2005 Ausmus NLDS Dinger, 2000 First Game vs Yankees – ELIMINATED, 2005 Burke 18th Inning Dinger in NLDS, 2006 Bagwell Ovation – ELIMINATED, 2008 Ausmus Final Game, 2004 Home Run Derby – ELIMINATED, 2002 Bagwell Game Winning Hit, 2005 First World Series Game – ELIMINATED. Commentary has been there for every single moment. My fav already got ELIMINATED – the 2000 First Game.

After the ‘Stros miserable performance the last couple of days against the Nats in DC, someone last night asked me if I would go on “Oprah” and say I was still in love with the ‘Stros. Hey, that’s a complicated question. It is “Pink in the Park” at The Yard for a few days as the ‘Stros raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and Commentary will wear a pink jersey tonight as we take on the Cubbies.

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On my official ‘Stros calendar that hangs in my office, it says today is Cinco de Mayo – so today must be special.

There will be a lot going on today on Cinco de Mayo. Today is the last day to vote early in the City of H-Town City Council District H Special Election. So far there have been 87 Downtown voters, 802 at Moody Park, and 100 at Ripley House.

Also this afternoon, there will be an Immigration Rally at Moody Park.

This evening, there will be a Cinco De Mayo Reception at Case de Azules Downtown by invitation only honoring CM James Rodriguez. Commentary is going to drop by and check it out and maybe scarf up some nachos and my favorite Mexican beer – San Arnoldo.

The President and the First Lady hosted a Cinco de Mayo Eve reception yesterday at The White House and The President tried to make a joke out of having a party on May 4 and said “cinco de cuatro” – huh! It’s OK. He can apollyize by announcing today that he is appointing a Latina/Latino to the Supreme Court.

Speaking of, GOPers aren’t allowed to participate in Cinco de Mayo festivities. Sorry amigos, all the Mexican bashing of the past year gets you dis-invited to our fiestas. You can’t have your Tres Leches and eat it too.

In case you haven’t noticed, Commentary’s got a new look that I’m still trying to figure out. Some folks suggested that I needed a makeover so I succumbed. I’ll try to figure out how this new look works for me and you.

Last night my dinner was going great as we jumped off to a 4 zip lead then our pitching fell apart – drats. CNN will once again be pushed aside this afternoon as Roy O and the ‘Stros take on the Nats in DC in a Cinco de Mayo Special.

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Commentary wasn’t too impressed with the turnout at the Houston Counts Census 2010 Committee meeting this past Saturday. Only 150 or so folks showed up. I also wasn’t impressed with the Latino leadership turnout. Only a handful or so Latino/Latina leaders turned out. We’re hearing that some Latino leaders aren’t too pleased with the City of H-Town inching toward the immigration enforcement business. It certainly didn’t help that there was a Chron article Saturday morning about this with the sub headline saying “Latino groups fear program will affect next census.” Check it out: Commentary thinks the City of H-Town needs to listen to local Latino immigration reform activists on this.

At the meeting, Commentary led off the Q & A session with a question about a Latino outreach strategy. The response indicated that there is a whole lot of work that needs to be done in this area. Look for the next Houston Area Latino Summit to focus on the census. Stay tuned!

Commentary will do a taping today for “Red, White, and Blue” with my good buddies David and Gary. The new Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez will also be on the program. The subject matter is likely to be national, state and local politics and the ‘Stros of course. I’ll let folks know when the program will air.

A new bio on A-Roid hits the stands today. Commentary thinks it might be tough for A-Roid to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame after he’s done. With all the dough he’s got, he might want to build his own Hall of Fame and let Barry, Barry, The Rocket, McGwire, Giambi, Palmero, and other alleged juicers buy in.

Since the season started, we’ve gotten dinged up pretty good: Joe Green Valley, Quintero, Moehler, and Brocail have all made trips to the DL. We took two out of three in the ATL this past weekend and now it’s two in DC.

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